Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A rabbi, a priest, and an imam walk into a bar…

British comedian Ashley Blaker performed in front of a packed house of over 100 people Saturday night at Fleetwood Synagogue, bringing his trademark British spin on “frum” aspects of life.

In his first appearance in the Westchester/Riverdale area, Mr. Blaker covered topics ranging from the sometimes absurd practices of Jewish holidays to the custom of wearing a suit and a baseball cap to “conceal” one’s Judaism. Audience members provided additional fodder for the comedian, highlighting the occasional quirks of some ultra-Orthodox practitioners.

Blaker quipped that his rabbis are so worried about the scourge of technology that they tweet all about it.

Fleetwood Synagogue’s main sanctuary was transformed into a comedy club right out of Greenwich Village, with candle lit cocktail tables, pub snacks and a bar.

Blaker ended the night with a selfie on stage, with a waving audience in the background.

Fleetwood, a “hidden jewel” of a young Modern Orthodox  community in the southern Westchester city of Mount Vernon, generally touts its proximity to the city and Riverdale and New Rochelle, along with an affordable cost of living, great transit and Jewish education options, daily minyan and an eruv. Attracting high end comedians may prove to be a new selling point for the shul.

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