Saturday, June 06, 2020

Bruno Amaro, 9, of Yonkers, enjoys eating the matzah he made by hand. (Credit: Robert Kalfus)

Isaac Henry, 13, and Rabbi Mendy Hurwitz grind spelt wheat into flour. (Credit: Robert Kalfus)

Children and teens made matzah by hand from flour. (Credit: Robert Kalfus)

Kneading the flour and water into dough. (Credit: Robert Kalfus)

Rabbi Mendy Hurwitz, rabbi of the Chabad of Yonkers, led the hands-on matzah baking event at the Greystone Jewish Center, with supervision by students from Yeshiva Mesivta Menachem, a school in Hastings-on-Hudson, who also ground, pounded, mixed and rolled and finally encouraged using the tines of forks to make the straight lines of tiny holes in the dough, before the matzah was placed in an oven.

By Robert Kalfus



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