Friday, August 07, 2020

Rabbi Yosef Lasdun, z”l

(Courtesy of Ohr V’Daas) With a mixture of sorrow and hope, Yeshivas Ohr V’Daas, the Rockland Institute for Special Education, (R.I.S.I) is dedicating this year’s scholarship dinner, which will take place on Sunday, May 26, at the YSV Valley Terrace in Monsey,  in memory of a truly exceptional man, Rabbi Yosef Lasdun, z”l, as we mark the culmination of a year since his untimely passing.


Rabbi Lasdun’s absence leaves a gaping, aching hole in the fabric of Ohr V’Daas and all of Klal Yisrael. As the devoted father of our dear student, Chaim Boruch, Rabbi Lasdun was a steadfast, reassuring presence in our Ohr V’Daas family, a staunch supporter who consistently sought opportunities to help the yeshiva in every possible way.

Thoughts of Ohr V’Daas never left Rabbi Lasdun; he continued to offer suggestions for the yeshiva mere days before his passing. He repeatedly expressed his appreciation for the unconditional love and professional care lavished upon Chaim Boruch and his friends.

Rabbi Lasdun was a righteous man whose actions and presence spoke volumes, far beyond the carefully-chosen words that he uttered. His unwavering yiras shamayim and remarkable middos tovos influenced countless people; as a highly sought-after sofer in the Tri-State area, he capitalized on every opportunity to touch innumerable souls. Every person who was fortunate enough to encounter Rabbi Lasdun can testify to the depth of his noble character and unique purity.

In addition to his trademark integrity and reliability evidenced in his work and in his everyday life, Rabbi Lasdun’s devotion to HaKadosh Baruch Hu was genuine and legendary. During his last weeks of life, he bravely faced the inevitable with a daily learning seder, declaring that his sole source of chizuk was from learning – which he did, daily, despite his weakened state. Just moments before his passing, he indicated a desire to put on tefillin, departing this world in the same manner in which he lived in it: al pi Hashem.

Your generous contribution and memorial journal  ad will carry on the legacy of R’ Yosef’s devotion to Yeshivas Ohr V’Daas, enabling them to continue providing outstanding education and care to Chaim Boruch and all of his peers. 

Please join Yeshivas Ohr V’Daas in commemorating the life and accomplishments of Rabbi Yosef Lasdun, z”l. Yeshivas Ohr V’Daas wishes limitless comfort, simcha and nachas to his esteemed life partner, Mrs. Brendle Lasdun ybl”c, and his entire family, as well as to his extended Ohr V’Daas family. 

To place your memorial ad  along with your warm wishes to the esteemed Lasdun Family, please call 347.770.6837, or you can conveniently process online:  You can also email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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