Friday, August 07, 2020

Millie Jasper, executive director of HHREC.


Millie Jasper, executive director of the Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center (HHREC), was elected to the board of the Association for Holocaust Organizations (AHO) at their annual conference in Skokie, Illinois.

The AHO is an international organization dedicated to Holocaust education, remembrance and research, and brings together hundreds of Holocaust organizations within the United States and 27 countries across the globe. The organization’s annual conference serves as a gathering for celebrated scholars and others devoted to Holocaust remembrance as participants discuss lessons of the past and advancements for education surrounding the Holocaust and human rights issues.

Jasper, who has been the executive director of HHREC for almost eight years, is an energetic, passionate leader of HHREC, whose mission is to enhance the teaching and learning of the lessons of the Holocaust and the right of all people to be treated with dignity and respect. Jasper, who holds a B.A. from the University of Rochester, has served in various administrative positions during her career in the for-profit sector. Transferring her skill set to the non-profit sphere of influence has been both challenging and rewarding, she said.

Jasper shared that the exacting part of her position is to keep up to date with human rights issues, including but not limited to the rise in hate speech and hate symbols as expressed by students and members of the community. “We believe that many, if not most, incidences of hate begin not out of malice, but from ignorance, so we (at HHREC) strive to keep our educational programs and events current and relevant,” Jasper noted.

HHREC trains thousands of middle and high school students in Westchester County in their Human Rights Institutes and provides curriculum guides to teachers who will be teaching about the Holocaust. HHREC also holds professional development workshops.

One of HHREC’s programs, “Hate Language and Hate Speech,” educates students in several Westchester County middle and high schools about the power of language and symbols. Since instituting this program, the participating schools have received no notifications of hate incidents within their environs.

Jasper explained, “I have the unique opportunity and pleasure to interact with the most kind, caring and committed people through my role as executive director.” She is appreciative of the engagement with the qualified and committed board of directors and HHREC’s staff.

HHREC, located in White Plains, New York, offers a speakers bureau, comprising Holocaust survivors and liberators, whose stories reach over 25,000 students per year. The organization presents programs of events and distinguished lectures several times a year, in various venues through the county. HHREC offers innovative programming within their unique second- and third-generation cohort comprising workshops and education-based events, which Jasper will happily share with member organizations at AHO.

Jasper, who has been married for 38 years and has two grown children, lives in Yorktown Heights. Discussing her role at HHREC, Jasper said, “Everything I’ve done professionally and through volunteer work culminates in my position as executive director at HHREC.”

To learn more about HHREC and their various programs, please visit  or call  914-696-0738.

By Yvette Finkelstein



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