Friday, August 07, 2020

Chabad Lubavitch of Yonkers Rabbi Mendy Hurwitz sounds the shofar, with Shlomo Walker of the Jewish musical group Pey Dalid. (Credit: Robert Kalfus)

Alberto Marte, 10, with his mother, Sonia Marte, of Yonkers, tastes gefilte fish, as Rabbi Mendy Hurwitz’ son Chaim holds the shofar (rams horn) at Stop & Shop supermarket in the Cross County Shopping Center, Yonkers. (Credit: Robert Kalfus)


(Courtesy of Chabad of Yonkers) Chabad of Yonkers’ Rabbi Mendy Hurwitz offered the symbolic fruits and vegetables of the Jewish New Year—persimmons, apples with honey, gefilte fish with horseradish, carrots, and honey cake—to shoppers at the Yonkers Stop & Shop Cross County store, with blessings for a Sweet and Happy New Year, assisted and blessed in his effort by Stop & Shop management. Rabbi Hurwitz also sounded the shofar gently inside the store, and more loudly outside, as he left to offer more food and holiday greetings at Whole Foods in the Ridge Hill shopping center, which also welcomed him and synagogue members.

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