Saturday, July 11, 2020

New Rochelle sent more than 50 people to the AIPAC Policy Conference which was held last week in Washington, DC.

As attendee Rabbi Reuven Fink of the Young Israel of New Rochelle said, “It’s exhilarating just to be there for the good of Israel.” He was especially impressed by the turnout of college students, noting that a “tremendous amount” were there, and added that “at the time when we speak of apathy, it was very beautiful to see that so many of the college kids were so involved.”

At AIPAC, there were breakout sessions where experts in every area of Israeli politics, from security to technology, gave attendees a chance to explore the topics that were most relevant to them. Manufacturers in Israeli technology exhibited innovation. “It’s breathtaking to see they’re on the cutting edge of science and technology,” Rabbi Fink said.

At the large synagogue lunch, most found it exciting to see the vast representation of shuls and temples in attendance.

Among the New Rochelle community, a “big segment of the shul—some young people, more senior members of the community and all groups in the middle—a really good cross section of the entire community” was there, Rabbi Fink said. Overall, it was a worthwhile cause for him and the community at large. Michael Tarlowe, a newer New Rochelle community member, said, “ It was my first AIPAC Policy Conference and it was incredible to see the support that Israel gets from Jews and non-Jews who attended. I was impressed to see the strong representation from the New Rochelle community, although I’m not surprised given the dedication of our community to the state of Israel.”

By Tamar Weinberg

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