Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Honoree Rabbi Yissy Cherns with friends and father, Rabbi Yoseph Cherns, menahel of Stein Yeshiva (Credit: Dr. Sandra Spingarn)

Rabbi Eliyahu Soiefer, Alumnus Honoree Shimon Fried, Rabbi Yoseph Cherns, menahel of Stein Yeshiva (Credit: Dr. Sandra Spingarn)

Stein Yeshiva’s pre-Purim dinner, held  on March 21st, was a tremendous success. The delicious food was catered by Steven Polinsky of Mauzone Caterers/Main Event who always does a superb job. The keyboard player, Hillel Kupnick, helped create the lively Purim spirit. The beautiful flowers were donated by Yishai Malool of Main Street Florist in Monsey. Adina Gross, an alumni parent, assembled a spectacular Chinese auction that not only raised money, but is an exciting feature of the dinner.

The Hakaras Hatov Award was given to Rabbi Yissy and Ahuva Cherns of Monsey. Yissy Cherns, son of menahel Rabbi Yoseph Cherns, grew up living and breathing Stein Yeshiva in his home. Ahuva is a full-time shadchan and dating coach. Stein Yeshiva has been fortunate to be the beneficiary of their generosity.

Parent awards were given to Rabbi Shmuel and Kayla Goldstein and Rabbi Dr. David and Rivka Kasle. Both couples responded enthusiastically to the call to be honorees with an immediate, “Yes, any way that we can give back to this wonderful yeshiva, we’re in!” The Goldsteins came to Stein Yeshiva straight from Eretz Yisroel and enrolled their  daughter, Shira Emunah in the daycare program. Mendel, the Kasles’ first child, attends the 3N program at Stein Yeshiva. The yeshiva is looking forward to Mendel’s younger sibling attending soon. Both couples expressed their enthusiasm for the quality care and education their children are receiving at Stein Yeshiva.

Shimon Fried received the Alumni Recognition Award. Shimon credits Stein Yeshiva with putting him on the right path toward his successful educational career. He works with his father, Dr. Philip Fried at the Westchester Dermatology Center opening many new centers throughout Westchester and the Bronx. Shimon and his wife, Davida, live in Riverdale with their newborn son, Joseph, who they hope will join the Stein Yeshiva family.

By Sharon Pollock

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