Thursday, June 04, 2020

With Pesach cleaning and cooking consuming most of our holiday preparation hours, it would seem that there’s no time to sit down and enjoy the food. Rabbi Eli Kohl at the Young Israel of Stamford, however, decided to change that with the upcoming—and first ever—Korban Pesachfest. This event will be held on April 17 at 7 p.m. at the shul. The cost will be $36 per person.

No, they’re not bringing an offering. The event is a “zecher l’Korban Pesachfest,” Rabbi Kohl explained. It’s a night out for adults only (men and women are welcome) to eat, mingle and enjoy each other’s company in the presence of rebbeim who will be giving divrei Torah, with the objective that these teachings and takeaways make it to the seder table. “We want to come into the seder night with divrei Torah and fresh ideas of geula, not just to recycle what we see in the Haggadah,” Rabbi Kohl said. “We’re hoping some of the teachers will give a fresh perspective and the participants will provide that new spirit of redemption.”

Two chefs, Evan Finkel and David Lasher, will be preparing delicious food for attendees. Both Finkel and Lasher are new young adults who just joined the Stamford community, which has been growing substantially as of late. Rabbi Kohl acknowledged that in the last year, “50 new young families moved into Stamford.”  The event intends to bring together the entire community and to unify the young and old contingents. Beer will be paired with briskets, sliders and ribs, using a smoker owned by Lasher.

Of uniting the community, Rabbi Kohl said, “I like the idea that the Korban Pesach was eaten in a chabura, a group. I like the idea of getting together to garner geula, redemption, to happen, and the idea of getting everyone together to prepare collectively [for Pesach] in this exalted evening.”

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By Tamar Weinberg

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