Wednesday, August 05, 2020

November will be a busy month at Chabad of Riverdale as they unveil two new courses, both beginning on Sunday, November 13. The newest JLI course, entitled “How Success Thinks: Jewish Secrets for Leading a Productive Life” will be taught by Rabbi Levi Y. Shemtov on six consecutive Sunday mornings at 9:45am, while “Read it in Hebrew” will meet for five Sundays from 9:45 - 11:15am.

“‘How Success Thinks’ is designed to help people get more of what they want in life, and less of what they don’t,” explained Rabbi Shemtov, spiritual leader of Chabad of Riverdale. “Throughout the course we explore ways to cultivate people’s signature strengths, adopt a growth mindset, access their inner creativity, deal with weaknesses and overcome procrastination and other obstacles that get in the way of their success.”

At the core of “How Success Thinks” are six key productivity concepts, from motivation and goal setting to creativity and relationship building, which explain why some people get so much done. Drawing on 3000 years of Jewish wisdom—as well as some of the latest findings and fascinating case studies from neuroscience, psychology and behavioral economics—this eye-opening course explains that the most productive people on earth don’t merely act differently; they view the world, and their choices, in profoundly different ways.

“Most people don’t have a clear picture of what they want to achieve in their lifetime,” continued Rabbi Shemtov. “In the course, participants will have a chance to explore their own definition of success, and then create a road map to equip themselves with the tools they’ll need to make that goal a reality.”

Regarding “Read it in Hebrew,” Rabbi Shemtov said, “Many people feel lost in synagogue, because they don’t know how to read Hebrew. We have found that learning how to read Hebrew strengthens one’s feeling of connection to Judaism in a powerful way. ‘Read it in Hebrew’ fills a tremendous need.”

The first two lessons of ‘Read it in Hebrew’ focus on the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, while the last three lessons introduce vowels and teach students how to read words. With flashcards portraying the letters alongside catchy mnemonics that make the information memorable and easy to digest, ‘Read in Hebrew’ allows students to absorb information quickly and efficiently.

‘Read it in Hebrew’ utilizes a timeless teaching method espoused by the Jewish sages for generations. In addition to reading skills, students get a glimpse into the holiness and depth of the Hebrew language, including brief kabbalistic explanations of the Hebrew letters.

Both courses are designed to appeal to people at all levels of Jewish knowledge, including those without any prior experience or background in Jewish learning. The course is open to the public, and attendees need not be affiliated with a particular synagogue, temple, or other house of worship.

Interested students may call 718-549-1100 ext. 10, or, for the JLI course, register at The price for the JLI class is $100 and there is a 15 percent discount for previous participants. The Hebrew reading class is free of charge.

Chabad of Riverdale is located at 535 West 246th Street.

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