Sunday, March 24, 2019

Josh & Lesley Herbert & family​, honorees at the Stein Yeshiva Dinner.

(Courtesy of Stein Yeshiva) Last month, Stein Yeshiva families and friends celebrated at the yeshiva’s annual dinner, held at Young Israel of Scarsdale. The yeshiva honored some very special people for their dedication to the yeshiva as well as to klal Yisrael.

The evening began with greetings from Rabbi Yitzy Genack of the Riverdale Jewish Center, who is also a parent at the yeshiva. Rabbi Genack introduced Rabbi Joseph Cherns, menahel, who spoke about the special character of the yeshiva, where every child from daycare through eighth grade is treated as a unique individual to be nurtured and developed. He also spoke about the warm and inviting atmosphere at the yeshiva, a theme that was echoed by each of the honorees in their individual tributes.

Davida Fried, the early childhood director, presented a Parents’ Award to Leslie and Josh Herbert on behalf of the yeshiva. The Herberts said they fell in love with the warmth of the yeshiva as their 3-year-old daughter evolved into the confident, social, energetic and kind-hearted girl she is today. She had since been joined by her brother, who attends the daycare program. The Herberts said they are repeatedly amazed by the quality of the education and the level of personalized care that both of their children receive at Stein Yeshiva.

Dani and Adina Wizenfeld from Riverdale were also honored with a Parents’ Award. Adina is an active member of the PTA and has helped spearhead many of the PTA’s highly successful social and fundraising events. The Wizenfelds remarked, “If you have ever traversed the halls of Stein Yeshiva, you undoubtedly have been enchanted by the music and laughter emanating from the early childhood classrooms. We are so proud how [our children] are blossoming into boys who love their Judaism and love being part of the Stein family.”

Rabbi Cherns presented a Parent’s Award to Shaya and Brachie Eisen of Pomona, parents of Avi, an eighth grader. The Eisens share the values displayed by Stein Yeshiva every day: warmth, love, support and empowerment. They expressed deep hakarat hatov to Rabbi Cherns and the faculty at Stein Yeshiva for all their son has accomplished.

This year, the yeshiva honored Coach Jeff Greenwald with the Teacher’s Award. The students always look forward to their time with “Coach G.,” and the feeling is mutual. Coach G. said he gets a feeling of warmth and positive energy at the yeshiva. “The staff and administration make Stein Yeshiva a comfortable environment for each student to learn Jewish values,” he said, “as well as getting an education that will make them productive members of society. I look forward to the days when I come to the yeshiva, open the door and see the students smile.”

The yeshiva also gave two awards that reached out into the community: The Hakoras Hatov Award to Meir and Shevy Kaplan, and the Community Service Award to Beatty Schwartz. As part of the Cherns’ family, Shevy Kaplan grew up with Stein Yeshiva. When Meir joined the family, he too became a part of Stein Yeshiva, recognizing the important role it plays in Jewish education. The Kaplans are known as baalei chasadim. Their willingness to do anything they can for the sake of Torah, and especially for Stein Yeshiva, is a great source of nachat for their families. Beatty Schwartz has spent 35 years devoted to children requiring speech therapy. Most of those years were spent with families in the South Bronx. She has found that working at Stein Yeshiva offers great satisfaction in combining her passion as a therapist with her desire to stay close to Judaism and to Israel. Beatty says that she finds the yeshiva to be “a warm and nurturing environment where the children flourish.”

For more information about Stein Yeshiva, call 914-965-7082.

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