Friday, February 22, 2019

Community News

The Biale Rebbe of Bnei Brak Arrives in New York

A member of the Biala dynasty is coming to offer blessings and counsel, comfort and chizuk to the people of New York. He is one of the current descendants of the Prshiskhe dynasty, whose first rebbe was a fourth-generation disciple of the Baal Shem Tov, Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchok Rabinowicz, (the Holy Jew/Der Yid haKodesh) of Przysucha. Der Yid

Rabbi Weiss Pens a Memoir of the Soviet Jewry Movement

The Soviet Jewry Movement is a far-off memory for some, and unfamiliar to many young people, but not so for Rabbi Avi Weiss. Affectionately known as Rav Avi, Weiss’s fourth book (and third on Jewish activism), Open Up The Iron Door: Memoirs of A Soviet Jewish Activist, is trying to change all

Ruach Program at YINR a Growing Social Tradition

The Ruach program at Young Israel of New Rochelle is a 2½-year-old program connecting the entire community and neighboring cities and towns. The Wednesday lunches are followed by a presentation, activity, or movie screening, and is typically held at YINR with topics of discussion in the areas of religion,

Orthodox Union’s Rabbi Steven Weil at Riverdale Jewish Center, Shabbat Parshat Shemini

Rabbi Steven Weil, senior managing director at the Orthodox Union, will present an OU Community Weekend at Riverdale Jewish Center from Friday, April 17 to Saturday, April 18, Shabbat Parshat Shemini.

The OU-member synagogue is located at 3700 Independence Avenue.

14th Annual Westchester Jewish Film Festival Gears Up

The Jacob Burns Film Center, in partnership with the AJC, is hosting its 14th annual Jewish Film Festival from April 8-30. The festival has a diverse array of programs celebrating the Jewish experience, including 14 films this year from Israel. Many of the films will be followed by interactive elements,

Migdal Ohr to Hold Annual Gala Dinner in New York City on April 29

Migdal Ohr, Israel’s premier organization for underprivileged, orphaned, abused, and new immigrant children, will hold its Annual Gala Dinner on Wednesday, April 29 at IAC Headquarters in New York City. This year’s event will honor distinguished supporters who have contributed significantly to the success of the organization

Reflecting on Empathy and an Unspeakable Tragedy

In the end it is for their benefit and for our benefit, but we cannot understand the master plan,” said Gabriel Sassoon, the father of seven Jewish children from Brooklyn who died in a house fire over the weekend, at their funeral in Jerusalem on Monday.

At the tenderest possible moment, Sassoon shows

Stein Yeshiva Celebrates ‘Extraordinary Education’ at Annual Dinner

Parents, family, and friends came to celebrate the Stein Yeshiva’s annual dinner with this year’s honorees, including Ilan and Hannah Lastoff of Riverdale and Yishai and Miriam Malool of Monsey. Rabbi Binyamin and Adiella ShemTov of Riverdale received Parent Awards, Rabbi Yochanan and Miriam Kreizel of Monsey received the Community Service Award,

Private School Parents Urged to Lobby for Education Investment Tax Credit

A potentially groundbreaking bill for Jewish education could be passed by the New York State Legislature if enough concerned constituents call their representatives.

“The Education Tax Credit has the potential to deliver millions of dollars in scholarship aid to our Jewish day school families. Similar

Jewish Learning Is Everywhere at Temple Israel Center

Westchester—Kids today at Westchester’s Temple Israel Center (TIC) experience much different learning than their parents once did. The old model of sitting at a desk while a teacher talks has been thrown out the window. In its place is Shorashim, which uses talented, dynamic educators to help bring Jewish education to life. The result

Let All Who Are (Blank) Enter and Join

“A Muslim woman attends a Passover Seder.” No, this is not the beginning of an ironic joke: At the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale (HIR), such an event occurred just last year. Every year at the Passover Seder, Jews around the world proudly proclaim: “Let all who are hungry enter and eat; let all who are needy enter and join

Chabad of Riverdale’s Camp Gan Israel Now Offering $50 Off Per Child

Chabad of Riverdale’s popular Camp Gan Israel is offering $50 off per child for any children who are pre-registered before March 30, 2015. The program, which caters to children aged 3 through 10, focuses on Jewish enrichment as well as providing the children with stimulating and exciting activities, such as dance, sports,

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