Saturday, February 29, 2020

That was quick.

Seems like we were just writing about high school graduations, camp packing details, family vacations, water safety and even sunscreen.

All of a sudden, uniform lists, backpacks, new technology, carpool arrangements, learning in Israel and everything school related have returned to our lives whether we are parents, students, teachers or faculty.

Back to school is upon us, and the summer, in its waning, sweltering days, feels like it’s got an early dismissal.

We should be aware and sensitive that while many children are nervously excited about buying new school supplies, lunch boxes and sneakers, there are parents who are still battling with the struggle of paying tuition, not to mention binders and highlighters.

Many of these parents wish the summer would last a lot longer. But the community in which we choose to live, Baruch Hashem, is a great one, with a caring Jewish neshama. We know that innovative efforts to ease tuition strain are continuing, from Teach NJS, or “from” before all communities, generous families and the schools themselves.

With school this year starting and stopping through the month of Tishrei for observance of the Yomei Noraim, we have that great opportunity to connect the classroom to the kehillah so that Jewish education and tefillah have a complementing continuity.

Bottom line, though, let’s make this a wonderful school year for our children, whether they are entering preschool, graduating high school or entering yeshiva, seminary or university. Encourage them to communicate with their teachers and learn from them. Let’s all recommit this Tishrei to do our best to support our schools.

May 5779 be a productive, magnificent year of growth and health for our children—at home and in the classroom.

Isn’t that the bell ringing?

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