Tuesday, June 02, 2020

With this pre-Shavuot edition, we proudly present you with the 100th edition of what has come to be known simply as the “The Link.” Our 4-year-old Jewish community paper—which started as a seed of an idea shortly after we founded The Jewish Link of New Jersey—is proudly serving our community today as a hyperlocal news and feature source and a forum for our community to discuss and opine civilly about the important issues we face, and providing relevant advertising and content from our many partners in the growing, dynamic religious community here in the Bronx, Westchester and Connecticut. 

Perhaps some thought we were misguided, or outright meshuga, to start up a print newspaper when many publications have rebranded themselves online. But with every issue until today, we became more relevant as an important and critical place for advertisers serving our shomer Shabbat community, and equally as important, as a place where observant Jews could read the words of trusted local voices in the rabbinate, in Jewish education, in national state and local politics, in areas of healthcare, synagogue life and so much more.

It gives us no greater professional joy than when we overhear people talking about an article they read in The Jewish Link. Of course we like the praise and thanks we sometimes get, but you should know that we truly appreciate when people stop us to criticize or complain about something written or published in the paper. These interactions tell us that you—our readers—are reading the paper and that you care enough to make sure we get it right. Keep the ideas, feedback, letters to the editor and even the complaints all coming to us.

We are simply overwhelmed and thankful to our Jewish Link readers and your continued support. 

We like to say that everyone in our readership knows that he or she has a good chance of seeing themselves, their children, relatives, their neighbors, or their neighbors’ children featured in the paper. A Jewish Link reader can start by reading about efforts to improve Israel’s security, turn the page and savor a Shabbat meal recipe, and turn the page again to find his son or daughter’s name or picture in a yeshiva league sports story. This is partially what makes our paper more interesting, more engaging and ultimately more special.

That you have accepted The Jewish Link into your lives and bi-weekly schedule as a reader or advertiser or both drives us to motivate ourselves and our staff to work even harder.

We are equally proud of the strong relationships we have built with so many of our advertisers and partners. Our advertisers know that their ads are working, are being read and seen, and that our readers are loyal to many of those that advertise with The Jewish Link. Last but not least, we are proud and thankful to our hardworking and underpaid editorial, production, advertising and sales teams that we fondly refer to as “Jewish Linkers.” 

We would like to specifically single out and recognize our editors Judy Berger and Yvette Finkelstein who have come onboard in the last two years and have helped our paper’s efforts tremendously in covering the Bronx, Westchester and Connecticut Jewish communities. It is they who are constantly pushing us further in reporting on and caring for the community, and our paper is all the better for it. Thank you, Judy and Yvette, for all that you do! 

Thank you all, sincerely, for helping us get this far. We look forward now to editions 101 and beyond.

Chag sameach to the entire Jewish Link of BWC community!

By The Jewish Link of the Bronx,
Westchester and Connecticut publishing team 



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