Tuesday, June 02, 2020

No, migrant detention centers are not concentration camps.

That this is even a conversation in this nation is reprehensible and dangerous.

What is happening at the United States southern border cannot be compared to a Dachau or Ravensbruck.

That uninformed freshmen members of the House of Representatives continue to bend historical facts, be it the Holocaust or the rights of Jews to their ancestral homeland, Israel, is revisionist history at its worst.

Dachau was the first of what would be over 42,000 concentration camps, and then death camps, engineered by Hitler’s reich. You read that number correctly. Many of those concentration camps fed the hunger of Germany’s horrible commitment to annihilate world Jewry described as the Final Solution.

If the freshman representative from New York thinks that the United States of America, the very country that protects her right of free speech and gives us all the opportunity to run for public office, is interested in duplicating the Third Reich, we suggest that she heed the recent Twitter advice of Yad Vashem and “learn about the concentration camps.”

She should learn especially before making comments that are based on easy, cheap conjecture. 

Certainly, the U.S. should continually strive to offer the most humane answers to the issue of undocumented immigrants, who are mostly coming to this nation because of difficult conditions in their native countries.

But to align this current situation with the Holocaust, with the genocide of a people, is to align with sensationalism, fear mongering and downright falsehood.

“Never again” is not a mantra for a challenge at the border. It belongs to the ages that the six million never had the opportunity to see.

 And no one else.

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