Sunday, January 26, 2020

This has been one of the most difficult times in recent memory for the world’s Jewish community and the world in general. Many of us are directly connected through family or friendships with

victims of Palestinian terror. Some
have close connections with Parisian Jews.

The recent terror touches us all even closer, even if we aren’t related or if we’ve never met any of the victims. We all know an Ezra Schwartz, a young Sharon, Massachusetts man, learning in a yeshiva, murdered by a terrorist in Israel. We also know a Hadar Buchris, a stabbing victim on Sunday, just starting out her young adult life in Israel.

If one Israeli is attacked, it’s as if we all are. If freedoms are endangered in Paris, the entire free world is threatened.

Today is Thanksgiving, an American holiday that brings families together for food, fellowship and fun. In the Modern Orthodox community, we have a weekly blessing called Shabbos, where we can be together to share the warmth of meals, words of Torah and unity. So we know, as a community, how important a warm meal is as a component of togetherness.

But as these perilous times are teaching us, there are those who would oppose the freedoms we have as American Jews living in a free society. The enemies of the Jewish people, America and Israel and the West see what we have here, and are willing to kill to prevent us from picking thankfulness out of the rubble of a terrorist rampage.

So if your family chooses to convene for a Thanksgiving dinner, honoring an American tradition, be thankful for your freedoms that you and your families and friends have. Find those grateful reasons and share them at the table.

It’s not just the American way, it’s also the Jewish way.

From the staff of the Jewish Link, we offer a Happy Thanksgiving to our readers, advertisers and at this time for the entire free world.

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