Thursday, October 19, 2017

During his presidential election campaign, President Trump called the Obama administration-brokered nuclear deal with Iran a “bad deal.”

Earlier this week, for the second time in his six months in office, he certified the P5+1 agreement lifting sanctions on Iran, providing it stop its militarization of nuclear material for 10 years.

But, for the second time as well, President Trump was reluctant in his certification. Reports say he argued with his top national security advisers about moving ahead with the certification. His administration said that Iran is not complying with the spirit of the agreement and that future certification is not a sure thing.

We agree with the president that the Obama administration’s accord with Iran and the release of hundreds of billions of dollars in frozen assets did nothing to help the security of Israel and the entire Middle East.

On Tuesday, the Trump administration imposed important sanctions on 18 Iranian entities and individuals who are part of the rogue nation’s ballistic missile program and support the increased influence of Hezbollah and other threats to stability in the region.

The administration is required by law to let Congress know if Iran is living up to the deal every 90 days.

Since the deal was put in place, Iran’s rancid fingerprints have been all over the unthinkable destruction of Syria by its own “leader,” Bashar al-Assad. Israel has watched the growth in military readiness near its borders by an Iranian-equipped and -trained Hezbollah.

Yes, the P5+1 deal was nothing more than an existential threat to Israel and to the very interests of the United States.


When it comes up for recertification again in under 90 days, we hope the president holds to his instincts and past concerns. If Iran doesn’t hold to this already-questionable deal, then President Trump should act accordingly, while working in concert with his team to stabilize the region.

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