Saturday, January 25, 2020


MTA Dedicates Torah and Makes Siyum L’Zecher Ari Fuld, HY”D

Two Mondays ago, I had the privilege of attending and participating in a unique celebration on the YU campus in Washington Heights in memory of my MTA classmate, Ari Fuld, HY”D. The MTA students made a siyum on Mishnayot on all of Seder Nezikin and the completion of a brand new Sefer Torah in Ari’s

A ‘Textbook’ Case of Hatred

It’s about time.

How many Palestinian school children have been poisoned into hatred of Jews and Israel because of the toxic mixture of misinformation they have read and have been spoon fed through textbooks?

A Time to Rediscover the Family

We find ourselves at a time of grateful abundance. We emerge from our Rosh Hashanah tefillot observing the birthday of the world only to look ahead with nervous anticipation as our heartfelt prayers will seal our lives of goodness, joy and health in Hashem’s book.

Rosh Hashanah Reading

We have just finished a fairly wet and rainy Rosh Hashanah—in truth, I can’t even remember a Rosh Hashanah during the past 10-20 years when it rained like this and Tashlich was rained out. With it raining on both days of Yom Tov, I had time to read perhaps even a bit more than I normally would over a

Prayers for a Great Year for Our Children

That was quick.

Seems like we were just writing about high school graduations, camp packing details, family vacations, water safety and even sunscreen.

What a Bar Mitzvah!

I started writing this column on Sunday while on a high on my way back from a very special 55-hour weekend spent in Israel. I was there to attend the bar mitzvah of the only son of one of my oldest and closest friends from my high school days. I also had the added bonus of spending a Shabbat with my

Perhaps It’s Time for Israel to Put an End to the Gaza Terror

As we approach Tisha B’Av and our solemn commemoration of the destruction of our two Holy Temples, we want to remind everyone that the heightened threats to our people in Sderot and other Southern Negev regional areas must be remembered as if it were happening closer to home.

No More Visiting Day Blues

We sent our youngest to sleepaway camp for the first time this year. And by “we” I mean “I,” and that’s because I also sent my husband to sleepaway camp this summer, also for the first time. With dad at camp with him, we assumed the adjustment would be easier.

Ensuring a Fun, Safe Summer at Camp

It’s summertime, and as the Gershwin lyrics tell us, “the livin’ is easy.”

Many of our collective Jewish experiences were gained through the times we spent at summer camp. Indeed, the bug juice, color war, gimp lanyards, swimming, camp fires and so much more are

Netanyahu’s Important Message for Europe

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s meeting with European leaders was an opportunity on many levels.

First, the prime minister fearlessly took center stage in nations where Islamic terror and street opinion is outwardly anti-Israel, anti-Semitic and

A Day to Remember

For many Americans, Memorial Day is the unofficial first day of summer. It’s a nice day off from work or school.

If we did a word-association test of sorts and we wrote or said “Yom Hazikaron” in our

A 12-Step Program for Iran

Last week, the administration decertified the U.S. role in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), better known as the Iran nuke deal.

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