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Anti-Semitism: Gateway to Terrorism?

Anti-Semitism is one of the most lethal diseases of hatred that has ever faced humanity; it led to the Holocaust, a horrific and premeditated tragedy of human history, which resulted in the murder of millions of innocent lives and

The Faithful

Chanukah 5778

It’s wonderful to be back in Israel. That sentiment is even more pronounced during holiday seasons. Well, it’s beginning

Less Fire, More Light: Lighting Chanukah Candles Without Burning Your House Down

The story of Yosef and his brothers has, on the face of it, nothing to do with Chanukah. But as it is often read right around Chanukah time, it is not surprising that attempts have been made to find connections to Chanukah. Perhaps the most

From Pharaoh’s Dream to Making Yosef’s Come True

Pharaoh’s Dream

For all the detail in Yosef’s interpretation of Pharaoh’s  dream, Ramban lays out correspondences between the dream and the meaning that are not made explicit in the

Y-Studs Present Inspiring Chanukah Cover of Andra Day’s ‘Rise Up’

(Courtesy of Y-Studs) Y-Studs A Cappella, the elite all-male a cappella group from Upper Manhattan, has once again produced a Chanukah video you can’t miss. This season,

The Great Sufganiyot Debate: Traditional vs. Exotic

Sufganiyot, a traditional Chanukah food, are deep-fried doughnuts, frequently filled with jelly or custard, and topped with powdered sugar. This fried culinary tradition on Chanukah commemorates the miracle of the menorah’s oil. Today, doughnuts have gone well beyond the traditional. Ask

‘1945’ Is a Complex Picture of a Society Afraid to Contemplate Past Sins

Hungarian director Ferenc Török’s newly released film, “1945,” elegantly portrays in poignant cinematic fashion a few psychological truths: One should never underestimate the viewers’ intelligence, never overestimate their information, never underestimate the

Greasy Inventions

As a nation, we’re great at coming up with products that should exist and then selling them, especially when it comes to the yomim tovim. For example, last year, I wrote an article about actual helpful Chanukah products that exist, such as Chanukiah-shaped cookie

Davening in the Rain: Moving the Needle on Middle School Tefillah

This isn’t an official book review, but the new Koren Aviv Weekday Siddur has the potential to do the near impossible: transform the davening of middle school-age children. Those who are tasked with educating middle school students, especially those who daven with them,

I’m Not a Soldier

Editor’s Note: The Jewish Link wishes hatzlacha to Tzvi, our primary Israel correspondent for the last several years. As he continues on to the next stage of his career in the IDF, we know he will soar to ever-greater heights and we hope to print

Let’s Talk...and Listen

In this, the 15th year of SAR High School, I have found myself asking: if I were charged with opening a new school today, what would it look like? Having confronted that question 15 years ago, it feels useful to ask it anew. In what ways would our thinking be similar and in what ways different?

From Struggle to Success

The ultimate irony:

It’s not fair. After years of barrenness, Rivkah finally becomes pregnant, only to discover that the children she and Yitzchak have prayed for are fighting inside her womb. She is deeply distressed and exclaims,

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