Sunday, March 24, 2019

On April 25, Yeshiva University will kick off its second Giving Day, as students, alumni and friends join together to celebrate and support the YU of tomorrow. This year’s campaign theme is YU Hero, saluting the heroic nature of the students and faculty of Yeshiva University. The goal for this year’s campaign is to reach 3,000 donors, making this Giving Day even greater than the last.

YU aims to raise $3 million in a 24-hour period, which will help fund the university’s undergraduate, graduate and high school communities as well as scholarships, student life activities and other critical programs. The objective of the day is not only to collect funds necessary to support the ongoing success of the university, but to create an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm for YU. Giving Day is expected to be a fun day on campus, featuring live events as well as an interactive social media component, using the dedicated hashtag #YUHero.

The YU Hero campaign is about building the future. The YU of tomorrow is comprised of the fundamentals that have supported the university since its inception, coupled with an ambition to make a difference in the future.

“Whether they’re advancing Torah scholarship, conducting groundbreaking research or fighting for social justice, Yeshiva University students, faculty and alumni make up a powerful and heroic movement—rooted in Jewish values and committed to building a better world,” said Alyssa Herman, YU’s vice president for institutional advancement. Giving Day highlights the heroic qualities of students and faculty and allows donors to help take those qualities to the next level of excellence, she added.

At YU, students are motivated by their peers and faculty alike. This campaign has inspired a tag board of testimonials posted by students on the Giving Day page of the YU website. The superhero culture of today has risen to great heights, much in the way that students at YU have and continue to reach new heights. The prevailing message that each individual possesses heroic abilities that can change the world is nurtured at Yeshiva University.

Crowdfunding through social media has become a popular venue for fundraising. It enables the community at large to easily be a part of an important initiative. Giving Day represents a unique opportunity on the YU calendar, offering people connected to the university a chance to participate in a collaborative effort toward success.

“Giving Day is an exciting opportunity for the entire community to come together, celebrate all we have achieved and ensure that our future remains strong,” said Elliot Gibber, chair of YU’s Institutional Advancement Committee. “After all, we can’t be super without your support.”

Donors have already pledged gifts totaling more than $10 million in honor of Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman’s inaugural year.

“This fund reflects our commitment and support for Rabbi Dr. Berman as he leads Yeshiva University into the next chapter in its great history,” said Mark Wilf, member of YU’s board of trustees.

All donations received on Giving Day will be matched thanks to the generosity of several benefactors. Furthermore, those who donate in advance of Giving Day have the option of becoming a matcher themselves.

Giving Day 2018 begins at noon on April 25. To learn more about Giving Day or to make a contribution, please visit  or call 212-960-0898

 By Andrea Nissel



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