Sunday, March 24, 2019

Wofford’s recent visit to Israel.

Candidate Keith Wofford at the Ohel. (Credit: Wofford4AG)

Marla and Keith Wofford visit new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.

Woffords testing new Hatzalah scooters.

On Tuesday, November 6, New York voters will have the opportunity to elect the state’s next attorney general. This year, Republican candidate Keith Wofford will face off against Democrat Letitia James. After the resignation of Eric Schneiderman earlier this year, Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed Beverly Underwood to fill this position. She is not seeking election to this office.

“My victory in November will make a difference in the lives of all New Yorkers,” explained Keith Wofford. “The cost of corruption in this state is killing us. Projects cost too much, take too long to get done; we have no confidence that decisions are made based on the taxpayers’ needs rather than the politicians’ needs. Worst of all, New York State is worst in the nation in the combined loss of people, jobs and businesses.” 

He added, “Taxpayers are sick and tired of career politicians who care more about advancing their personal political agendas than the residents they are supposed to represent. This November, voters have a choice between another career politician and an independent outsider who knows how to get results. We have an opportunity to turn this state around and I’m confident that when given a real choice, the results will be in my favor.”

Wofford described why the outcome of this election is important to Jewish voters. “For the Jewish community there are serious issues regarding religious liberties that have come into question in the New York suburbs in the past few years. Westchester Day School had to fight in federal court in order to expand. The Young Israel of New Rochelle fought for many years to build its new building. Communities have had to go to court time and again to erect an eruv in their neighborhoods. As your attorney general I will not allow local governments to use restrictive zoning and selective application of regulations to target religious communities. My background gives me a strong sensitivity to injustice and I will fight for the rights of the Jewish community as I will fight for all New Yorkers.”

Wofford continued, “In New York we have seen an alarming growth in anti-Semitic incidents that just cannot be tolerated. Anyone who engages in hate crimes will know that the full weight of law enforcement will be brought down on them. We also need to look closely at anti-Israel, which is usually a pretext for anti-Semitic, activity on the university campus. Many times these activities are taxpayer funded. New Yorkers cannot and should not be funding hate and hate groups.”

When asked what differentiates Wofford from his opponent, Wofford explained, “I am better suited to tackle corruption. I have nearly 25 years of legal experience negotiating multi-billion dollar contracts, winning billion dollar lawsuits, and seeing every trick in the book from folks who misuse and misspend the money with which they are entrusted. I am independent, and from outside of politics. I won’t sit on my hands waiting for the legislature’s permission to investigate. I have identified six legal ways that an energetic, independent Attorney General can use to root out corruption now.”

“I grew up in a working-class neighborhood in the heart of Buffalo,” stated Wofford proudly. “I did not come from privilege, to put it mildly. However, my parents always taught my brother and me that education and hard work were the keys to success. By applying these values, I was able to leave City Honors High School a year early to attend Harvard College on scholarship, and eventually Harvard Law School. The opportunities that existed for me and my brother growing up are disappearing. My goal as New York State Attorney General is to bring them back.” 

Wofford concluded, “When elected, I will focus on fostering economic growth and development, rooting out corruption, tackling the opioid epidemic and, most importantly, protecting New York State taxpayers. I’m ready to get to work day one to protect taxpayers and small businesses across the state.”

Wofford is the Republican and Conservative Party nominee for New York State Attorney General. Wofford is a co-managing partner of international law firm, Ropes & Gray’s 700 employee New York office. Wofford lives in New York City with his wife and two children. Additional information on Keith Wofford can be found at

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