Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Whose dog wouldn’t enjoy these dreidel cookies?

As you shop for all the friends and family on your list this year, there’s an important recipient to consider: your pet. Before sniffing around the aisles of Target, Petco or any other big-name store, check out’s boxes for cats and dogs at, an online retailer that locates high-end pet toys and snacks for your furry friend.

The gift boxes have more than the run of the mill treats for pets. In it, a pet owner will find high quality toys for pets as well as grain free treats, for a gourmet pet snack experience.This year, the Pet Gift Box staff introduced a new Chanukah gift box for the pious pooch. .

The toys and snacks that come in the pet gift box are specialty items, different from what customers would find in a big-box store. PetGiftBox goes out of its way to find items that are fun for pets and that the owners will be excited to find in their package. Items are curated by the equivalent of a “pet stylist,” whose mission is to find purr-fect toys and delicious treats for the pets.

Customers can choose to sign up for a single month, or if they want something ongoing, they can choose a monthly program. Each month’s box has a different theme, often tied into seasonal events. In the beginning of October there may be a fall themed box, and with the holiday season approaching, the December box is sure to have themed boxes for the upcoming holidays. If you have a dog (or if your friends have one), the new Chanukah gift box is a perfect gift for their pet. The box includes Chanukah menorah plush toys, a squeaky dreidel for a fun chew, meat snacks and even dreidel shaped pet cookies. 

According to PetGiftBox, this item is not only purchased as a gift, but pet owners love the subscription boxes so much that they end up ordering it for themselves so their pup can have the snacks and toys delivered on a continuing schedule.

To get started, visit  and fill out a brief questionnaire about your pet and select the frequency of delivery. To go directly to the Chanukah gift box, visit the Chanukah page at . The Chanukah box is a one-time delivery, so if that’s the gift you’re looking for make sure to use the Chanukah link. This box is a limited time offer, and if ordered by December 3 will be delivered on Chanukah.

By Jenny Gans



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