Monday, June 24, 2019

Yael Schulman, director, Daf Yomi for US.

Talmud Israeli.

Talmud Israeli-Daf Yomi for US invites you to complete Masechet Megillah in honor of Purim with its innovative learning program. Beginning the week of December 30, participating students will have the experience of learning an entire masechet in the 11 weeks before Purim.

The objectives of this project are to afford students the opportunity to learn concepts from each daf of the entire masechet, and to empower students and excite them about working towards earning their own siyum celebration. A “concept driven” project, Talmud Israeli-Daf Yomi for US enables learners to complete the entire Masechet Megillah while becoming well versed in the material and concentrating on one special question (or concept) per daf.

Yael Schulman, director, Daf Yomi for US, explained that Talmud Israeli is an innovative educational program that began in Israel over a decade ago. The program quickly earned widespread support and approval from Israel’s Ministry of Education, becoming an essential part of the curriculum in thousands of schools. Talmud Israeli combines the study of Talmud with Torah, modern Jewish history and Israel. The overarching goal of the program is to strengthen Jewish identity. Talmud Israeli makes complicated Talmudic material accessible, understandable and enjoyable to learners of all ages by explaining one concept from each daf of the Gemara.

Talmud Israel-Daf Yomi for US, the English-speaking branch of Talmud Israeli, has developed educational materials for schools and shuls throughout North America. Its curriculum is customized for English speakers, emphasizes ahavat ha’aretz and encourages parents and children to learn together.

Talmud Israeli-Daf Yomi for US’s weekly publication contains seven Daf Yomi passages for that week (according to the world-wide Daf Yomi cycle), as well as articles about Jewish and Israeli history, Israeli geography, Israeli innovation and a dvar Torah designed to provide extra content for family discussions at the Shabbat table. The colorful Talmud Israeli-Daf Yomi for US publication is intended for learners of all ages. Also included in the Talmud Israeli program are 60 short video clips covering different Talmudic concepts. These clips make learning Talmud fun, entertaining and educational. The video clips are in modern Hebrew with English subtitles and can also help improve Hebrew language skills. The clips are available on YouTube’s Talmud Israeli channel.

Currently, Talmud Israeli is used by tens of thousands of learners around the world in Israel, Turkey, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, Germany and the United States and is distributed to approximately 150 schools and synagogues across North America. Many schools in the Westchester area, as well as many shuls, have made the material available to their students and congregants. Thanks to the incredible generosity of Medison, a leading Israel pharmaceutical company established by Meir Jakobsohn, the founder of Talmud Israeli, the weekly publication is available free of charge to schools and shuls.

To learn more about Talmud Israeli, please contact Yael Schulman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 914-413-3128. Schools and shuls as well as individuals interested in completing Masechet Megillah with Talmud Israeli should send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

By Yvette Finkelstein


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