Friday, May 29, 2020

(Courtesy of Toy Vey) Jewish toy maker Toy Vey Toys is best known for its Spinning Musical Dreidel plush toy.

However, as a continuation of the enormously successful Passover 2018 promotion, Toy Vey Toys, the award-winning producer of Jewish toys, plush and books that promote family traditions and family-engaging activities for everyone to enjoy, and Aron Streit, Inc., the only family-owned and operated matzah company in America, have a very special Passover 2019 promotion featuring “Streit’s Sam the Dancing Matzo Man.”

Now, in time for Pesach, bearded Sam who dances and sings, and wears a hat and apron featuring the Streit’s logo has something special. He joins an extensive Toy Vey product line that celebrates great family traditions. This year a key component of this plush toy is the ability to personalize the chef’s hat. This special Pesach product can be ordered on Amazon ( ) where customers can choose to have Sam’s hat personalized with their child’s name (or great gift for any adult). You even have an option if ordering directly from the  web site, to receive a free Streit’s unique matzah-print pot holder with the purchase of bearded Sam. However this free offer is only available from that link!

Sam will be featured on over a million boxes of Streit’s 2019 Passover Matzo, with free shipping for consumers who purchase this plush toy through our special offer at

“Our goal as a company is to create family traditions,” explained Toy Vey’s founder and award winning book author, Eli Kowalski. “We want to put a smile on kids’ faces and become a part of the Seder tradition: You’ll have the kos shel Eliyahu, and you’ll have the Matzo Man.” (With the batteries removed, he adds with a laugh)

Alan Adler, a Streit’s vice president and fourth generation member of the Streit family, said, “Streit’s looks to partner with companies that match our dedication to excellence and great taste, and we couldn’t find a better partner than Toy Vey. We were immediately impressed with the outstanding creativity of all Toy Vey products, and are so proud to put the Streit’s logo, and all that it stands for, on a uniquely wonderful doll like Sam.”

“Where else can you get a customized toy for a child?,” asked Kowalski. Streit’s Matzo choice to partner and promote Sam the Matzo Man, a move they have never done before, speaks (sings?) volumes to Sam’s unique appeal as one of the must have Pesach toys on the market. 

Order your Sam The Matzo Man at  or call 1-877-MATZO-MAN.

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