Tuesday, September 17, 2019

These Yeshivat He’Atid students don’t see it, they dont hear it, they dont speak it! Lashon Hara, that is.

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Pninit Boev with Rav Tomer Ronen of Yeshivat He’Atid.

Volunteers Naomi Yarimi and Pninit Boev with their bracelets.

A new initiative has just started in America, starting with 1,000 cool and colorful bracelets distributed at Yeshivat He’Atid in Teaneck. Pninit Boev and Naomi Harimi are volunteers who are heading up “Lashon Hara Doesn’t Speak to Me.” This project has a powerful message and is geared toward all Jewish youth in the New Jersey schools and the extended area. Can you guess what Lashon Hara Doesn’t Speak to Me means? 

It means that we must remember not to speak Lashon Hara! The project’s goal is to create awareness and mindfulness about guarding oneself against Lashon Hara (evil speech, or talking about others). David Halperin, who started the group in Israel, as well as Boev and Harimi, are passionate about educating young people about the harmful effects of Lashon Hara. They want to distribute bracelets all over for Jewish kids to wear as reminders. 

Halperin started sharing bracelets with the message in Israel about 12 years ago. He does not make any money from this, he just wants people to remember not to speak Lashon Hara. He trademarked the name Lashon Hara Doesn’t Speak to Me (לשון הרע, לא מדבר אלי). You can follow him on Instagram at @LashonHara. The project already distributed over a million bracelets to youth in Israeli schools!

Boev and Harimi are getting 3,000 new bracelets just in time to celebrate the Israel Day Parade this Sunday, June 2. Israeli Instagram star Shuki Salomon is bringing them all the way from Israel. Get your own and meet the Lashon Hara Doesn’t Speak to Me crew next to the VIP section at the parade!   

The project is a newly organized non-profit organization and it needs a few sponsors to come to each new school. Parent associations, teachers or schools are asked to contact Pninit and Naomi to book their visit at (917) 373-7815. The whole program is supported by volunteers and sponsors in the community and small donations are welcome as well. 

By Elizabeth Kratz


Elizabeth Kratz works at The Jewish Link and loves to hear from kids and to get their amazing ideas for articles. Ask your mom or dad to email her with your ideas at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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