Saturday, May 30, 2020

Author Amalia Hoffman came to Camp Shemesh and held an interactive workshop with the campers about her book “Astro Pea.” “Astro Pea” is about a pea who is tired of living in a pea pod so he jumps out of his pod and goes on an adventure to outer space on a carrot spaceship. All the vegetables turned into stars and planets in the pea’s imagination. He then landed on a planet and planted a garden of his own! The campers then planted a pretend garden with Hoffman to complete the adventure.

Afterwards, Hoffman held another interactive workshop with the older campers using her book “The Klezmer Bunch.” Hoffman explained that she is an author and an illustrator, which means she created these characters and wrote about the Klezmer music they loved. The traveling musicians in the story travel around by walking from place to place. But, then they had a wedding far away. How were they going to carry of all their instruments? They decided to use a giant baby carriage and then their adventures began! Hoffman made all the characters from her book come to life for the campers at Camp Shemesh and they loved every second of it!


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