Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Judah Powers with Bronx GOP Chairman Michael Rendino at an early campaign meeting.

Judah Powers speaking to an assembly of Bronx Republicans in Kingsbridge.

Judah Powers believes in change. Born and raised in Riverdale, New York, Powers has been an active member of the Orthodox community since he was a small child leading his congregation in Anim Zemirot, and presently maintains a gabbai position at the Riverdale Jewish Center. Working towards a future in the political arena, Powers is running for a city council seat in the upcoming election on Tuesday, November 7.

A newbie to the political scene, Powers is 20 years old and currently attends Queens College. His passion for politics is directly connected to his desire to improve the quality of life for people living in New York City. Running on the Republican ticket, Powers is up against a Democratic majority council. The seat has been dominated by Democrats for a long time and citizens are not pleased with many of the recent installations.

“I am running for City Council to offer this district an alternative to the same Democratic Council that’s been running this city unopposed for years and years; I am running to give my future constituents a choice between the same old story and a fresh new start; I am running to remind New York City Democrats that this is not a one-party system,” declared Powers.

If he wins, Powers’ agenda includes expansion of New York City charter schools. Charter schools are independent public schools founded by not-for-profit boards of trustees. Any student eligible for admission to a New York City public school is eligible for admission to a public charter school. Statistics show that the charter schools are yielding the best results and are currently at a deficit for space. Powers believes in the “power” of education. “The better we educate our youth, the best chance they have at a successful future,” he commented. Powers also believes the current mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio, is working with an inflated budget. He wants to see city taxes reduced, putting more money back into the pockets of local residents who are struggling to succeed.

Powers has tremendous drive and ambition, two very important qualities when running in a political race. Above all, he touts himself as “a nice guy who wants to help.”

“Working with Judah has been an incredible experience. He cares so much about his city and wants to make it the best he can. The fact that I am able to help out someone so kind and caring like Judah is an opportunity I’m so thankful for. I know that no matter what happens in this election, Judah will go on to do great things,” expressed Tani Goldenberg, who handles public relations and social media for the campaign. (Westchester Hebrew High School ’17).

Powers has befriended many members of the community throughout his campaign and has always made a concerted effort to listen to their thoughts. “Judah Powers is a hard-working individual whose passion for what he does shines through. He cares and he doesn’t stop until he accomplishes his goals. While he is hardworking, he is also considerate of other people’s lives, needs and wants. He will always put you first and make it his business to improve your day. He’s a pleasure to work with in any and all capacities,” said Eliana Lindenberg, press liaison (Stern College ‘21).

 Powers realizes he is fighting an uphill battle. There has been little or no change in the 11th district for quite some time and he is determined at the very least to be heard. “It’s about starting a conversation, that’s why we’re doing this. People in this part of the city, every single election, we get one name on our ballots, the Democratic party establishment is all there is. We aren’t going into Tuesday expecting to come out with a huge electoral victory, but we can make sure that people realize they have a choice, and make sure the Democrats know this is a district they need to work for. If we can make sure that someone is in City Hall working hard for the people up here each and every day, I’ll call that a win,” Powers told The Jewish Link. He is encouraging people to come out and vote and, should he be elected, he promises a better tomorrow for Bronx residents. For more information, please visit

By Andrea Nissel



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