Sunday, March 24, 2019

State Senate candidate Julie Killian. (Credit: Julie Killian)

On Tuesday, April 24, residents of the 37th New York State Senatorial District will have the opportunity to vote in a special election to fill the seat vacated by Westchester County Executive George Latimer. Vying for the office of State Senator are Republican candidate Julie Killian and Democrat Shelley Mayer.


 Meet Julie Killian

“The April 24 special election is critical not just for the Jewish community but for the entire state,” explained Republican candidate Julie Killian. “This election will likely determine the majority in the state Senate, which affects the balance of power in Albany. My win guarantees a Republican majority in the Senate and balance in our state government.”

Killian continued, “We do not want one party controlling all of state government with unchecked power. The last time we had one party rule in Albany, in 2009-10, Democrats passed 123 new taxes and fees, raising taxes by $14 billion. I think we all can agree that raising taxes and fees isn’t a good idea for Westchester residents given we already have the highest property taxes in the nation!”

On issues of concern to the Jewish community, Killian indicated, “I am shocked by the efforts to boycott Israel via the BDS movement. I was even more shocked to learn that Albany Democrats have blocked anti-BDS legislation prohibiting New York State from doing business with those that promote an economic war against the Jewish state.” As senator, she explained, “I will support legislation that prevents our taxpayer dollars from funding student organizations that promote BDS, hate, and anti-Semitism on campus. Sadly, the attitude of Assembly Democrats, who refuse to pass laws so taxpayers are not forced to subsidize anti-Semitism, is shameful.”

Further, she believes that parents should not be punished for choosing the education they want for their children. “My own children have attended both public and private schools. I will advocate for private schools to not only get more of the funding that they are entitled to, but also to receive that funding on a timely basis.” Killian promised to strongly advocate for the education investment tax credit and giving 529 plans the same tax treatment at the state level that federal law provides. “If the federal government is allowing parents to save for their children’s education then New York State should encourage the same.”

Killian believes that “this race is about affordability, opportunity and security. The high cost of living, working and raising a family in New York State is forcing thousands of New Yorkers to flee to more affordable parts of the country. I will bring a fresh perspective and fight every single day as your Senator to make Westchester a safe and affordable place where opportunities abound for all Westchester families.”

Killian stated, “Two years ago, I walked around this district when I was running for the Senate, talking with voters, and I am now, once again, going door-to-door, talking with residents everywhere I go. And you know what? Nothing has changed. We still have the highest property taxes in the state and the most corrupt state government in the country. In fact, things have gotten worse. We need action, not just words. I’m running for New York State Senate because we need new voices with fresh perspectives who are not afraid to stand up to the corrupt status quo to turn this state around.”

Killian received her degree in chemical engineering from Notre Dame and her MBA from NYU, after which she had a career in financial services. She has raised five children in Rye and been a community advocate for the last 25 years. Six years ago she decided to make a bigger difference for the community by running for, and winning, a seat on the Rye city council, eventually becoming deputy mayor.

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