Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Empowering Students to Stand Up to Anti-Semitism

On Monday morning, Oct. 29, in Jewish day schools all across the country, heads of school, teachers and other professional staff — myself among them — spoke with students about the horrific massacre of 11 Jews praying in a Pittsburgh synagogue on the previous Shabbat. 

We spoke and we also

Medicare Myths: Has the Medicare Media Blitz Brainwashed You Yet?

As an expert on appropriate Medicare plans for my clients, if I had a penny for all the Medicare myths I keep hearing day after day from those who become clients and even those who do not I would not have to be educating and assisting the Medicare population as I do each day. Here are a few. 

Please do

Food: Now in More Colors

People sometimes ask me why I write about Kosherfest every year. After all, Kosherfest is a trade show, and as such, it’s really only open to people in the kosher food industry. Though I suppose that technically, every Jew is in the kosher food industry. In fact, according to official reports, there were at least 6,000 people there, and they were all in the same

Wiesenthal Center Prompts Legislators to Tighten Hate Crimes Laws

Working together across state lines, each in his own state legislature, New York State Assemblyman Walter Mosley (NY-57) and New Jersey Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (NJ-37) announced on Thursday, November 1, that they will introduce two bills in response to the recent tragedy in Pittsburgh. At a press conference in

Kids Rule at Young Israel of White Plains

(Courtesy of YIWP) Young children haven’t quite taken over Young Israel of White Plains—yet—but the continuing influx of families with young children has led the shul to respond with new programs especially for them.

For starters, YIWP has

How Teachers Can Better Handle Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parents can be frustrated by their children’s teachers. By their harsh tone of voice when young children have trouble being quiet or sitting still. By taking away recess for infractions like losing their Chumash worksheets or getting up to sharpen a pencil without asking permission first. By their fixation on rewards and

Gaza Ceasefire Exposes Conflicting Narratives

After 24 hours of intense exchanges of fire, Israel and Hamas reached a ceasefire on Tuesday, and two very different narratives emerged in Israel to describe what had happened.

But first, the bare facts: A special-forces operation in Gaza was exposed by Hamas on Sunday night, and in the

Returning to Shul: How to Speak to Our Children About Pittsburgh

Unlike any previous tragedy, where we listen to the horror stories, process our emotions and then return to ordinary life, this time is different. As the tragic shooting took place in a shul, the reverberations of trauma may have a direct impact on our own lives. Most certainly, we will all be thinking of it this

Ellen Krakow Says ‘Thank You’ to Shanghai

How does it feel to learn that you are considered “stateless”? Ellen Krakow, a resident of New Rochelle, discussed her family’s journey from Berlin to Shanghai, to Israel and finally to Washington Heights, New York, at a recent Hadassah meeting held at Beth El Synagogue Center in New Rochelle. In a riveting presentation to a

Meet Keith Wofford: Attorney General Candidate

On Tuesday, November 6, New York voters will have the opportunity to elect the state’s next attorney general. This year, Republican candidate Keith Wofford will face off against Democrat Letitia James. After the resignation of Eric Schneiderman earlier this year, Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed Beverly

Playwright Allen Leicht Premieres ‘My Parsifal Conductor’ in NYC

Playwright Allen Leicht tries to attend all the performances of his play “My Parsifal Conductor: A Wagnerian Comedy,” playing at the Marjorie Deane Little Theater on West 64th Street in Manhattan through November 3. The only performances he has to forego are the Friday and Saturday night performances and the Saturday

Carol Sober Is ‘All In’ for ALYN

Beginning October 28, through November 1, more than 600 cyclists joined in this year’s Wheels of Love event to benefit the ALYN Hospital in Israel. Having started 19 years ago with nine cyclists, Wheels of Love has grown into an international sports charity event with cyclists representing Israel, the United States and 14 other

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