Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Hamantashen: The Debate Continues

Hamantashen, the traditional triangular cookie of Purim, commemorates Haman’s three-pointed hat. It really is a simple process to create hamantashen. One must cut circles from a sheet of dough and place a filling in the center of the circle. The baker will then fold the

HIR Asks: ‘Need a Costume?’

This year’s annual HIR Purim costume swap was another phenomenal success. The event, help on February 4, was organized by Kathy Goldstein. Although Goldstein has been organizing summer and winter clothing swaps for the past two years, this

Are Purim Customs a Guide for Being a Good Person?

Human nature is a funny thing. At the root of our being we have a list of basic needs that range from interconnectivity, purpose and personal growth to egocentricity, survival and selfishness. How does one balance these to find a satisfactory equilibrium?

Inspiration at the Vatican

Serving as the president of the New York Board of Rabbis has been quite an experience. In this capacity, I have had the privilege to visit the West Wing; engage in dialogue with leadership of other faith communities; interact with our governor, mayor and

Camp Slapshots Eagerly Anticipates 16th Summer at New Yavneh Academy Location

Camp Slapshots, a religious sports day camp founded in 2003, is moving its base of operations to  Yavneh Academy this year. Run by a staff dedicated to teaching life skills and the importance of sportsmanship, the camp is open to elementary and

Haman Haman Haman

They say that part of what keeps Yiddishkeit going for all these generations is that every social deviant has some kind of release. Think about it: Pesach is for adults with OCD, Tisha B’Av is for people who want to bring beach

YI of Harrison Bakes for the Troops

On Sunday, February 4, the Young Israel of Harrison hosted a pre-Purim event called “Bake for the Troops.” Around 20 members of the Harrison community baked hamantashen and packed mishloach manot for American soldiers.

WTA and He’Atid Journey to Summit

In the spring of 2012, a group of community leaders decided the time was right to create academic institutions which would provide high quality and affordable Jewish education for all. To attain this goal, the group brought on board professionals, lay

Refuat Hanefesh to Host Live Conversation Regarding Suicidal Ideation, Self-Harm and Addiction

Suicide. It is a scary word that no one wants to talk about. However,

End of an Era: The Michaels Leave Westchester

After 25 years, Haina Just-Michael and her husband Bernie have moved from New Rochelle to the Upper East Side. Individually and as a couple, they made a huge impact on both the local Jewish community and the larger Westchester community. They are seen by many community

Slightly Discomfortable

A lot of people might not know this, but it’s important to go to the doctor once in a while. Even when you’re healthy. Seriously. He won’t be upset that you wasted his time. And if the doctor doesn’t see you when you’re healthy, how will he know when you’re

Tobey Lass-Karpel Leads Riverdale Yachad

Yachad (Hebrew for together), also known as the National Jewish Council for Disabilities, is a global organization dedicated to enhancing opportunities for individuals with disabilities and ensuring their participation in the full spectrum of Jewish life, while educating

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