Monday, August 03, 2020


Will a Leaning Tower of Pizza Topple Chabad Of Yonkers Purim?

The Chabad Jewish Center/Greystone Jewish Center of Yonkers invites the community to its annual Purim celebration. The joyous Purim holiday commemorates the Jewish people’s victory in the year 356 BCE over the plot of the wicked Haman, viceroy of the Persian Empire, to destroy them. Purim starts Monday night, March 9,

Purim 2020: Far From Persia

There was one Purim years ago when I realized that I spent the day in the car and somehow missed seeing many friends. In our neighborhood, we kind of live on the “other side of town,” so it’s hard to catch people and we don’t have a very busy block, so the day kind of felt isolating. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of time and

What Do You Want From Me?

Every year around this time, we all ask the same basic question: “What do I want to give for shalach manot this year?” But no one really asks, “What do the people around me want to get?” Isn’t it about the receiver?

“No. I have a theme.”

Seize the Moment! Purim 2020

Irena Sendler of Warsaw, Poland, died on May 12, 2008, at the ripe age of 98. During the Second World War, Irena got permission to work in the Warsaw ghetto as a plumbing and sewer specialist, but she had an ulterior motive. Irena smuggled Jewish infants out of the ghetto in the bottom of her toolbox and in a burlap sack for larger

Teach NYS Cheers DOE Release of $45.8 Million For Classroom Technology In NYC Nonpublic Schools

(Courtesy of Teach NYS) After playing an instrumental role in the five-year process that will bring $45.8 million to the city’s nonpublic schools for technology, Teach NYS today applauded the New York City Department of Education’s (DOE) release of the funding.

Through DOE’s Smart Schools Bond Act

NY NCSY and SAR High School Teens Repair Homes in Puerto Rico

Oscar Wilde famously wrote, “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” Last week, I had the privilege to witness such kindness by joining 19 teens from SAR high school on an NCSY Relief Mission to Puerto Rico.

NCSY Relief Missions are unique in that

Suffering and Resolve: Walking With Survivors on The 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz

This article first appeared in The Jerusalem Post. 

This morning, as I put on my boots, a few crumbly pieces of mud sprinkled onto the floor. The mud had travelled home with me from Birkenau. Stuck between the ridges of my physical sole, it was only a small vestige of the powerful experiences forever

Meet Rabbi Daniel Oppenheimer, of Argentina’s Ajdut Israel Community 

One of the joys of being in the Jewish media world is that I get to meet many interesting and special people who are truly doing incredible things on behalf of the Jewish people. And as a former or “retired” rabbi, I have a soft spot for meeting rabbanim from around the world who are leading their communities,

How Much Is Too Much?

One of the basic tenets of American democracy is freedom of religion. The government cannot do anything to advance any religious activity nor can it act to suppress religious observance. This has played itself out in various ways over the years for the Jewish community. Orthodox synagogues are usually granted parking

Let There Be Light

I’m almost positive that I met a real-life angel yesterday.

You can laugh and think that’s adorable. It won’t be the first time someone has laughed at me, and by my scorecard I’m guessing it won’t be the last.

But I know in my gut that this guy is an angel.

18,000 Strong, Israel Proud at AIPAC

Standing together. Bypassing partisan politics in support of common goals. Supporting Israel and the U.S.-Israel relationship. These have always been the hallmarks of the annual AIPAC Policy Conference. In 2020, with the U.S. election season fully underway and apparent threats to that

The Deal Within the ‘Deal of the Century’

While opponents of Trump’s peace plan have accused Israel’s premier of making a diplomatic blunder with the U.S. and failing to deliver on annexation, the two administrations have never been closer and delaying annexation until after Israel’s elections may actually play to Netanyahu’s advantage.

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