Monday, June 01, 2020


Bronx Local, Artist Dennis Shelton, Exhibits at Riverdale Y

“Deconstructing/Reconstructing Strangely Familiar Faces—Cubist Portraits: The Pieces of Our Puzzle” is an exhibit of portraits created by artist and long-time Bronx resident Dennis Shelton. His series of collages can be seen at the Riverdale Y “Gallery 18” until August 5.


Israeli Student Films Screened in New Rochelle

Neta Ariel, director of the Maaleh School of Film and Television, recently presented several films created by Maaleh students to a New Rochelle audience. Films included “A Shabbos Mother,” directed by Inbar Namdar; “Barriers,” directed by Golan Rise; and “The Little Dictator,” directed by Nurit and Emanuel Cohn, a

Riding for a Reason

Since 2001 Shifra Zeiler has volunteered as the head of the pottery workshop in Chai Lifeline’s flagship summer sessions, Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special. “Once you step foot inside that camp, you don’t ever want to leave,” Zeiler stated as the thesis of her backstory. She had been asked by head counselor Rivky

In Defense of the Oft-Maligned Rabbi’s Sermon

I have a confession to make. I enjoy listening to the rabbi’s sermon on Shabbat morning.

Even when I was a youngster, I was interested in what the rabbi had to say in his speech. While my friends would ask their parents to go outside for the sermon, I’d happily remain in the sanctuary, curious to

A Federal Court Turns Privacy Into an Illusion

When we set privacy settings on social media are they enforceable? Twitter says yes, but a recent judicial decision by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in a lawsuit against Donald Trump has cast its power to do so in doubt. The basis of the decision is that when a public official shares official government policy via social media, he

Local Day Campers Challenge the Deep End

The week of June 25 meant the beginning of the 2019 camp season and, with it, the infamous deep water test.

The American Red Cross requires that all campers be classified by swimming ability and provided instructional and recreational activities consistent with their abilities. For

Author Amalia Hoffman Visits Camp Shemesh

Author Amalia Hoffman came to Camp Shemesh and held an interactive workshop with the campers about her book “Astro Pea.” “Astro Pea” is about a pea who is tired of living in a pea pod so he jumps out of his pod and goes on an adventure to outer space on a carrot spaceship. All the vegetables turned into stars and planets in

House Condemns BDS Movement

The U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a resolution on Tuesday evening opposing efforts to delegitimize the State of Israel, registering strong opposition to the global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) targeting Israel, noting that BDS is counterproductive to any peaceful negotiations

Meet Ethan Donn: A Musical Genius

Meeting Ethan Donn is a wonderful experience. His smile is radiant; his musical accomplishments are extraordinary. Ethan Donn is an 18 year old young man with mild autism. He is not very verbal and, therefore, cannot communicate his words very well, but his smile makes up for a lot. I met Ethan a

With Partnerships Disintegrating, Israel’s Right at Risk in Upcoming Elections

The extreme right-wing Otzma Yehudit party announced on Tuesday that it was dissolving its partnership with the Jewish Home party, potentially threatening the latter’s ability to cross the voting threshold. If that were to happen, the right could end up with fewer seats in the 22nd Knesset than it had in the 21st.

Will My Children Remain Religious?

I thought kids could be raised on a compromising, cultural Judaism. I was wrong. 

Editor’s note: This article was written from the perspective of a member of a “Dati Lite” shomer Shabbat community in Israel. Considerable social media discussion centered on its relevance for some

By the Numbers

Does our community have a teenage substance use problem? And if it does, how big is it? And what should we do about it?

Given how important the answers to these questions are, you’d think we would have a firm grasp on the answers, a clear understanding of the scope of the issue and how best to address

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