Thursday, July 18, 2019


Remembered in Song

How did a nine year old Jewish girl living in the Hindenburg Kaserne, a German military barracks which the Allies turned into a Displaced Person’s camp, intuit the need to preserve the songs she heard being sung by survivors in Yiddish, Hebrew, Polish and Russian? She doesn’t know “how or why it came into my head.” But it did and

Completely Dedicated

Parshat Emor begins with the uniqueness of the kohanim. Kohanim have special halachot about marriage, purity and cutting their hair. Why is it so necessary to have a special group dedicated to working in the Mishkan and Beit Hamikdash? Why can’t all of bnei Yisrael take part?

“Mother’s Day?

Confessions of a Serial Cereal Chef

The process of creating edible food can be daunting to a large portion of humanity. After all, you need to gather ingredients, mix them together, and somehow make sure the result isn’t falling apart, completely inedible or burned to a husk of its former self. How anyone can have such a high expectation for a single human is a

Dems Defend Tlaib’s Shoah Comments

Democratic Party leaders have spent recent months doing their best to assert that their support for Israel is still solid. But their job just got a lot harder. With so many Democrats rushing to the defense of Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) after she sparked outrage with comments in which she engaged in Holocaust revisionism on a

In Solidarity With Poway Chabad: A Shabbat of Tears and Joyous Song

Standing in the courtyard of the Poway Chabad, hundreds of people formed concentric circles, arms around each other, singing Shalom Aleichem. The very place where a week earlier Lori Kaye had been murdered and three others injured only because they were Jews had been transformed – the spirit of Shabbat, the spirit of peace, had

Something Tragically in Common

“I don’t feel safe.”

A young Ethiopian-born elementary school child said this to a group of visiting journalists from Anglo-Jewish newspapers between the two Gaza wars of 2008 and 2014.

We were visiting the Southern Negev development town Sderot. We met with

Educating Beyond the Classroom 

In most domains of student learning in schools, it is assumed that mastery is achieved through a combination of instruction and/or student discovery, guided practice, and application or lived experience. In math class, for example, when students encounter a new skill, they may work through it step by step with a teacher or learning partner,

Meet Stamford Comedian Marc Weiner

Stamford community member Marc Weiner created and hosted the ’90s children’s television series “Weinerville.” It premiered in July 1993 and ended production a year later, but continued to be shown in reruns until June 1997. The show was set around a giant puppet stage of a mythical city called

Fortnite: My Son Has Fallen Asleep and He Won’t Wake Up

This week’s column is less tech, more advisory. When I write Ungarbled-tech I either pick a new technology or something that my office has been asked recently.

For the past year or so parents, business owners and even clergy have been asking my team, “How can we block our children from

Winning Smile

Today I have some exciting news from the field of pet orthodontia. And yes, pet orthodontia is apparently a field, but it’s making nobody’s mother proud.

Apparently, according to a recent news article, there’s a fish in Pennsylvania who just got braces. The goldfish, who lives in

‘The Lehman Trilogy’ Shines as an Epic and Cautionary Tale

“The Lehman Trilogy” closed at the Park Avenue Armory on April 20. This acclaimed European play by Stefano Massini, a renowned Italian educated in a Jewish school, was adapted by Ben Power for the National Theatre. In July 2018, this awestruck author sat through three-plus hours of a London preview, as she did during the Armory’s New

Why Is Ilhan Omar’s Islamophobia Dodge Working?

An anti-Semite victimhood claim is based on a myth about a post-9/11 backlash that never happened.

Imagine if there was a member of Congress who openly supported an anti-Semitic movement,

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