Monday, September 25, 2017


Rav Yisrael Lau—Hashem’s Role in the Holocaust

One of the great questions confronted by thoughtful Jews is the role of Hashem in the Holocaust. While many thinkers address this issue, a most powerful approach is articulated by Rav Yisrael Lau in his book “Out of the Depths.” The fact that Rav Lau experienced the Holocaust with all of its

Confronting Those Seeking to Deny the Holocaust and Defame Israel

Attempts to deny the Holocaust or to compare Nazi behavior to that of the IDF continue unabated. On October 12, 87-year-old Ursula Hedwig Meta Haverbeck-Wetzel, an author and Holocaust denier, was sentenced for the third time to a German prison for denying the Holocaust. What is especially troubling is that this behavior is no

Remember Me?

Today we’re discussing the prevalent opinion that selfies are signaling the decline of civilization. We’re going to use a simple Q&A format, because the decline has already started.

What are selfies? A selfie is a picture that you take of yourself, using a handheld device, of you

Dr. Harold Keltz: A Life Healing Others With Modesty, Honor and Dedication

With deep sadness, we inform you of the passing of our beloved friend, Yonkers resident and long-time member of the Lincoln Park Jewish Center, and our mentor, Dr. Harold Keltz, who went to his eternal reward on Shabbat, April 15, at Montefiore Hospital, 11 days before his 86th birthday. Dr. Keltz reportedly succumbed to a cardiac

From Suffering to Freedom: Chai4ever’s Pesach Miracle

In the weeks before Pesach, Jewish families around the globe are busy with the joyful but frenzied preparations for Yom Tov. Cleaning, cooking and Seder prep add up to an enormous investment of time and effort. Whether staying at home or travelling, there is always plenty to

Avenue Event Space Gets the Party Started

Teaneck—What makes any teen party more exciting? Every bar or bat mitzvah wants to have something special or different—something that sets their event apart from the other simchas their friends attend. Yuval Granevitz and Avenue Event Space offer solutions for these parties. In the five years it has been open, Avenue has

In New Matchmaking App, Singles Are Encouraged to Strike Their Own Match

In a world where matchmaking has gotten more difficult than splitting the Red Sea, one website has decided to try and make it fun again. Playing With Matches is a site that aims to make dating and matchmaking easy and without all the complexities, by approaching it from a new angle. Based on comments heard from many singles and

Stamford’s Effort to Attract Modern Orthodox Couples Pays Off

In December 2008, the Committee to Advance Modern Orthodoxy in Stamford (CAMOS)—a community-wide effort to strategically target more young and religiously observant couples to move to Stamford, Connecticut—was launched. Eight years later, the community is thriving, with more than two dozen young families moving to the

L’Shana HaBet B’Yerushalayim?

Over the past several decades, it has become the norm in most Modern Orthodox communities for high school graduates to study in Israel for a year at yeshiva or seminary. This remains the case, with a slight modification: yeshivas are now pushing the standardization of two years of study in Israel, the second year being more

Why Is This Seder Different From Other Seders?

You can’t typecast the people who will be coming to Sederim run by the Flame and the Young Israel of New Rochelle. Some will be singles. Some have young families. Some will be empty nesters. Some will be bringing their extended families. Some will be Orthodox and most will not be. Some will know everything (or think they do) about the

YU’s Sy Syms School of Business Launches Taxation Master’s Degree

Yeshiva University’s Sy Syms School of Business announced that it will offer a new master’s degree in taxation. The one-year, 30-credit program will draw on the school’s unique expertise to place graduates on the cutting edge of today’s evolving tax world and enable them to succeed in any work or market environment.

YU and WLCR Plan Makor College Experience

Beginning this fall, a new partnership between Women’s League Community Residences (WLCR), a lifespan social services organization, and Yeshiva University will make a Jewish collegiate experience accessible to individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Called the Makor College Experience, the

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