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In Memoriam: Yehuda Bayme, Morris and Beth Faitelewicz z”l

A Monday afternoon car crash on Route 17 in Sullivan County, New Jersey, killed Morris and Beth (Pitem) Faitelewicz, of the Lower East Side of Manhattan, as well as their future son-in-law Yehuda Bayme z”l, son of Dr. Steven and Edith Bayme, of Riverdale, NY. Yehuda was engaged to the couple’s daughter, Shani Faitelewicz, 27,

A Message From the International Beit Din

In the event a couple is unable to settle their marital differences by themselves or with the assistance of a mediator, the IBD  will address all marriage matters including the dividing up of marital assets, spousal and child support as well as parenting arrangements.

From time to time, there emerges

Mompreneur Ronit Wolf Makes Kosher Vacations in South America a Tropical Breeze

Riverdale—Have you ever thought about going to South America for a family affair, only to realize that it will be a logistics nightmare to plan all your kosher food accommodations? Recently launched Schlepnot has you covered. Started earlier this year by Ronit Wolf, the logistics startup in the travel and hospitality industry

New Year in the Fall

What does it mean to live in a country where the New Year is Rosh Hashanah rather than January 1? Of course, if you are Jewish and care about Jewish traditions, Rosh Hashana in Israel will provide you with a powerful sense of “group feeling” that comes from living in the only country in the world where Judaism is the majority

Escape From Tower II

It is now 9:25 pm on Thursday night. A little over 60 hours since World Trade Center One was hit by a hijacked airline. A little over 60 hours since I felt the impact of the blast. A little over 60 hours since I saw burning debris, which looked like confetti at the Yankees annual parade, outside my window. A little over 60 hours

Conversion Rebellion: Israeli Religious Zionists Challenge Chief Rabbinate

Recent news in Israel fails to shock Americans, even though it is rocking Israeli Religious Zionism to its core. A number of leading rabbis announced they would open a private conversion court. After years of trying to change the laws, attain the position of Chief Rabbi and negotiate with the Chief Rabbinate, Rav David Stav, Rav

Re-Evaluating Talmud Torah for Women?

Editor’s Note: Rabbi Jeremy Wieder, a Rosh Yeshiva at RIETS, responded to queries from a number of students and friends as to how he felt about the issue of women learning Talmud. His essay is being reprinted in the Jewish Link with permission.


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Women and Talmud Study: Toning Down the Rhetoric, Clarifying the Obscure

We have all read about the recent vibrant (and often even nasty) discussion of women studying Talmud. I would like to avoid the polemics and elucidate the core issues, hopeful that it can dispel some misunderstanding and provide a sense of appreciation for the issues at hand.

Rabbi Yosef Dov HaLevi

Wedding Music Matters

“Our kids may be…probably getting…sometime in near future….planning on….no one knows…not yet…premature…but… WE NOW MUST PLAN EVERYTHING NOW!

After 20 years in the simcha business, I can honestly say I have seen it all, which is the reason that many people have

On the First Yartzeit of Linda Basch

It is hard to believe that June 19, 2015 or Bet Tamuz marks the first yahrtzeit of my beloved friend, Linda Leah Feldman Basch zt”l. The parsha the week Linda was niftar was Parshat Chukat. The amount of parallels in that parsha are quite haunting. The parsha opens discussing the porah adumah (red heifer). We read that

Do Husbands Own Their Wives?

A common misconception about Judaism is that in the wedding, a husband acquires his wife and subsequently owns her. This is generally an idea accepted by people with significant Jewish education, and for a good reason. The first Mishnah in Kiddushin states that a woman is acquired by her husband in any of three ways. Clearly, it would seem,

Will Sephardic Jews Join Ashkenazi Embrace of Pre-Marriage Genetic Testing?

( “There is no person in the world without issues,” says Rabbi Yosef Ekstein, the founder of the organization Dor Yeshorim (“Upright Generation” in Hebrew), a confidential genetic screening system used around the world, mostly by Ashkenazi Jews in the Orthodox community.

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