Friday, February 22, 2019


The Making of OHEL’s “Rising from Divorce” Video

Though ubiquitous for centuries, divorce today has increased significantly in the Orthodox community. In today’s times, almost everyone knows someone affected by divorce. Given this new reality, OHEL believes there is an important need to better educate the wider community about the impact of divorce, and the specific roles that

Personal Style Redefines Tradition for Engaged Couples Choosing Tableware

BPT—Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. The well-known saying may seem cliche, but the adage defines tabletop trends for spring wedding registries. Engaged couples are steering away from the conventional choices made by their parents’ generation. Experts say they are instead opting for personal

Domestic Bliss: Five Fabulous Wedding Registry Upgrades

(BPT) - Getting ready to say “I do?” Of all the tasks you’ll do to prepare for your big day, creating your wedding registry will be one of the most fun. It’s your chance to choose everything for your home, from towels and linens to plates, flatware and kitchen gadgets. Be sure to add choices in a variety of price ranges so

Two Brothers Stand Up in Defense of Israel

Today, there are more than 6,000 lone soldiers serving in the Israeli Defense Forces. A “lone soldier” is a soldier who has no family in Israel to support him or her. They range from new immigrants to a volunteer from abroad, an orphan, or an individual from a broken home.


Westchester Day School Eighth Grader Wins Chesed Essay Writing Contest

Westchester Day School eighth grader, Joey Tropper has won a chesed essay writing contest.  Joey’s essay about his experiences volunteering with senior citizens, was recognized by an international Jewish foundation. In addition to that honor, he will be awarded with a grant to be used towards a Jewish summer camp.

Three Holocaust Stories: The Family of Rivka Small

David Tahar, 8 years old, during the invasion of Sousse (Tunisia, French protectorate) by the Nazis, (father of Frederique Rivka Small)

My father lived through the war as a child. He would often describe the months when his town was occupied by the Germans. He

Survivor Joseph Just Shares His Story for Yom HaShoah

Joseph “Yossel” Just was born on August 24, 1918. As one of 11 children and the son of Ethel Teitch and David Just, he came from a very religious family in Poland. His father, David, was a follower of the Belzer Rebbe, and all of his sons studied at Poland’s “Cheder,” a very religious Jewish learning institution.

TABC Students Commemorate Yom HaShoah

From Morocco to Riverdale: An Interview With Mrs. Chantal Firstman

Riverdale—Chantal Firstman has a unique history as a Moroccan émigré, with Arabic as her native language.  Today, while she is very much a part of the American Jewish culture, her Moroccan roots shine through in her history and her traditions.

Chantal was born in

Elijah’s Journey: A Pesach Seder Supplement

To be read at the seder, when the door is opened for Elijah:

Tonight we reflect on Eliyahu HaNavi, Elijah the Prophet. Tonight we dream of Elijah visiting our Seder; not to eat — but to serve as the precursor to the Messiah.

On Pesach, we pray for the Messianic Age — a time when humanity will live in shalom, peace, that is not only physical, but

A Modern Dayenu

If I only had to get my nails done, dayenu

If I only had to get my sheitel blown, dayenu

If I only had to clean the car, dayenu

If I only had to shop and pay for new shirts and shoes for the kids, dayenu

Understanding Wine Scores

The very best method for exploring wine is to taste it—as often as possible, and preferably with good food, friends, and family. Because there is a seemingly endless number of different wines out there, however, specialists or wine critics have emerged to help consumers make sense of it all, and make informed wine purchases.

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