Thursday, June 04, 2020


Sharing a Bed During Aveilut

QUESTION: I am currently sitting shiva for my mother a”h. I could really use a hug from my husband and his reassuring touch during this time. Would we also be allowed to sleep in the same bed?

Education: The Great Jewish Unifier

Over the course of the last year, the Jewish people have been tested a great deal, both as individuals and as a nation. While we have many blessings and remarkable achievements, we are rarely without stress, challenges and unpredictability. Our lives can be a rollercoaster with the wanton violence that has claimed so many Israeli victims,

Emergency Sheva Brachos

This article might sound a little snippy, but that’s because I just put together a sheva brachos in four hours.

My wife and I are not normally this “last minute.” In fact, we offered the chosson (my wife’s brother) a sheva brachos the minute he got engaged.

Rabbi Avi Kilimnick Releases Debut Album

For some people, music is just something that they listen to, a well-ordered assortment of pleasant notes that play in the background during scattered moments of their lives.

Rabbi Avi Kilimnick, of Congregation Beth Shalom in Rochester, New York, is not one of those people.

A Poconos Pesach

Let me share a secret with you! There’s something big happening in the Pocono Mountains. Shhhhh! Don’t try to guess, that’s how rumors start! I’ll share the facts with you.

Destinations and Yossi Zablocki, master of kosher hotel programs, have created

Robert Kraft to Keynote Yeshiva University’s 85th Commencement

Having already won four Vince Lombardi Trophies, Robert K. Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, will add another honor to his collection. Yeshiva University will confer upon Kraft, founder, chairman and CEO of The Kraft Group, an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters at its 85th Commencement on Wednesday, May 25, at Madison Square

Leket Israel to Honor Ironman Athlete and Frisch Student Activist at U.S. Gala

NEW YORK–American Friends of Leket Israel, the national food bank, will honor Jason Rosen of White Plains, NY, and Sam Goldberg of Englewood, NJ, at its upcoming Third Annual U.S. Gala on Mar. 7 at 6:30 p.m. at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Rosen is being feted for his 2015 participation in the

Six Musts for an Award-Winning Viewing Party

(BPT) Award season is here. Each year, Hollywood rolls out the red carpet to celebrate the industry’s hottest movies, shows and stars. Make it a night to remember by bringing the festivities into your home with an award show viewing party.

1. Engage guests with

Connecting With Shabbos, One Carving at a Time

For many years, my wife, Lisa, and I have had a hand-painted floral wooden Shabbos and Yom Tov challah cutting board with a clear plastic top that the loaves actually sit on. It’s the rectangular plastic that protects the painted blue, red and yellow board itself.

We’ve had the cutting board

From Throwing Snowballs to Building Snowmen, Guidelines for Shabbos

Muktzeh: Rain, even if it falls on Shabbat, is not muktzeh or nolad because it is already present to some degree in the clouds (See Eiruvin 46a, Shulkhan Arukh OH 338:8 and Mishne Brurah, no.30). The consensus of the poskim is that this applies to snow as well (see, for example, Shmirat Shabbat 16:44, n.110 and 15:36). Rav

Helping Jewish Artists Find a Home of Their Own

Art Kibbutz, an international Jewish artist colony, has been at the forefront of innovative Jewish programming, and is now looking to create a landmark organization in Riverdale, Westchester or Connecticut. The innovative arts initiative burst onto the scene five years ago.

Connecticut Friendship Circle Alums Sponsor ‘Natan’s Camp’

For years Natan Warmflash of Stamford, who passed away five years ago, dedicated his free time to volunteering with Friendship Circle to help children with special needs. “Natan’s kindness and courage were an inspiration to all who knew him,” commented Friendship Circle Director Malya Shmotkin. As a tribute to Natan, a group

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