Thursday, October 17, 2019


Light a Candle for Naftali, Gilad and Eyal

In just a few weeks, we will be commemorating the first yahrzeit of Naftali, Gilad and Eyal hy”d.

In just a few weeks Naftali and Gilad’s classmates at Makor Chaim will be holding their graduation ceremony with a gaping, aching hole in their hearts.

The events of

Drawn to Art: An Interview with Paula Blumenfeld

Paula Blumenfeld has always been enthusiastic regarding art, and today she is no different. With her many years as an artist and her varied and busy life and artistic experiences, her path towards finding her expressive voice has been, indeed, anything but ordinary.

As a child,

The Largest Bonfire in Riverdale

While in Israel on the 33rd day of the Omer you can find a real bonfire on every street corner, a large bonfire is a rare sight in New York City. On May 10th, two hundred Israeli families came together to celebrate Lag  B’Omer “Israeli Style” at The Riverdale Y’s garden. They looked at the sun setting behind the trees by

OHEL Gears Up for OXC: An Xtremely Unique Event on June 7

Nearly 200 participants from the Five Boroughs, the Five Towns and New Jersey are training hard to run, climb, jump, crawl, and muscle their way through this year’s first-ever OXC –OHEL’s Xtreme Challenge 5-mile or 1.5-mile course at Camp Kaylie. The course has been custom built to allow all participants to push their bodies to

As Sephardim Embrace Genetic Testing, Dor Yeshorim Stands Ready

Harav Yitzchak Yosef, Rishon L’Tzion of Israel, has recently announced that he urges all young Sephardim to go for genetic testing before finalizing their shidduchim with a vort.  In his discourse, Harav Yosef referred to a former colleague from his yeshiva days, who “till this very day suffers the consequences of not having genetic

CAMOS Exhibits at OU Jewish Communities Home and Job Relocation Fair

The Committee to Advance Modern Orthodoxy in Stamford (CAMOS) was among 47 different Jewish communities that exhibited at the bi-annual OU Jewish Communities Home and Job Relocation Fair, which was held  on April 26  in New York City.

More than 1,500 people attended the show, which offered

Springtime Is Salad Time

I’ve been thinking about salads. Non-stop. Ever since the weather has started to turn warmer, and the hope of Spring is in the air, I’ve been thinking about crisp, dewy greens, crunchy cucumbers, sweet peppers, plump dried cranberries, toasted almonds…shall I go on? But all that washing, peeling, chopping. It’s so annoying.

Cooking With Elegance, Artistry, and Love: An Interview With Susie Fishbein

Riverdale, N.Y.—With eight cookbooks out on the market and over 450,000 copies of her cookbooks sold worldwide, Susie Fishbein is an expert in the kosher culinary field. Her influence reaches across both the Jewish and the non-Jewish communities internationally. She has traveled the world over to demonstrate her cooking expertise

Racing Away With the Mint: Four Lively Mint and Gin Cocktails for the Spring and Summer

By Gamliel Kronemer

Last Shabbos afternoon, at Churchill Downs, in Louisville, Kentucky, more than 100,000 spectators crowded into the stands to watch twenty thoroughbred horses run a 1¼ mile race—it was the 141st running of the Kentucky Derby. The Derby has many traditions associated with

World News

Rivlin and Netanyahu React to Ethiopian Protests

( Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said that the violent protests that have erupted in Israel in recent days by Ethiopian Israelis protesting against racism and discrimination have “exposed an open, bleeding wound in the heart of Israeli society.”

In clashes between

The Binah School Unites Students Through a Multi-Media Torah-Study Curriculum

For many parents in the Jewish community, conversations surrounding the dynamics of a dual curriculum are all too familiar. Many feel that it is “taxing” or “demanding” on their children, and, by definition, the entire family. But The Binah School, a unique educational model in Massachusetts, has added a third

We Need to Talk

We need to talk about death. More specifically, we need to talk about your death. I know, you don’t want to think about what may happen to you when you die. But by giving no thought to death now, you’ll be worse off later.

At Hebrew Free Burial Association, time and again we are confronted with

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