Saturday, December 14, 2019


Will Sephardic Jews Join Ashkenazi Embrace of Pre-Marriage Genetic Testing?

( “There is no person in the world without issues,” says Rabbi Yosef Ekstein, the founder of the organization Dor Yeshorim (“Upright Generation” in Hebrew), a confidential genetic screening system used around the world, mostly by Ashkenazi Jews in the Orthodox community.

Nurture Your Kids by Nurturing Yourself

Every parent knows firsthand that although parenting can be incredibly rewarding, it’s an often challenging job. That’s why practicing proper self-care is so important; in fact, it’s an integral part of becoming a better parent. It can be easy to fall into the trap of feeling pressured, guilty or inadequate. These feelings often cause

Fun Ideas to Make Your Summer Entertaining a Hit

(BPT) The sweet days of summer signal a long awaited transition for outdoor living. Combine food, family and friends with fresh ideas, and the possibilities for summer entertaining are endless.

“There is something so magical about taking a meal outside in the warm weather,” says

The Key to a Meaningful Father’s Day Isn’t Meals Out and Expensive Gifts

With Father’s Day approaching, there is no better opportunity to reconnect and recharge our relationship with one of the most important figures in our lives. While we are obligated to “Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother” daily in commandment five of Shemot 20:12 and therefore every day should be like Father’s Day, this day is

Making Music a Bigger Part of Your Family’s Life

(StatePoint) Researchers say that music can bring many benefits to your life —and for households that incorporate music into their daily lifestyle, these benefits can extend to everyone in the family.

According to a survey conducted by Casio America, Inc., a leading manufacturer of digital

The Dubro Brothers Need Our Help!

Two brothers living in New Rochelle are in need of the community’s help and tefilot. Within weeks of each other, Alex and Jared Dubro fell ill and have been in comas ever since.

Twenty-year-old Alex, a junior at Cornell University, began suffering from unexplained and uncontrollable seizures

From Dreams to Designer Reality: An Interview With 20-Year-Old Fashion Designer Tashura Fendrich

Riverdale—Tashura Fendrich is an aspiring fashion designer who hopes to make and design clothes for the Modern Orthodox women’s market, while helping women to love who they are and to style themselves in the most becoming way. Although only 20 years old, Fendrich is already well on her way towards making a name for

LETTER FROM ISRAEL. The Luxury of the Israeli Everyday

I recently had the good fortune to participate in a 2-week advanced seminar of the Tikvah Fund entitled “Jews and Power: Literature, Philosophy, Politics.” The instructor for our morning sessions was Professor Ruth Wisse, who recently retired from her professorship in Yiddish Literature at Harvard University and who authored a 2007 book

Who Touched My Eyeballs?

I’m pleased to say that I have some information that will take a lot of the stress off going to your optometrist for an eye exam.  I’m not talking about all the stress. He’s still going to try to touch your eyeball when you’re looking away.

He does this so he can gauge the

Carmel Imagines the Possibilities

SAR Marches in Celebrate Israel Parade

Westchester Day School “Imagines” at the Celebrate Israel Parade

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