Monday, September 25, 2017


Traveling Like a Pro: How the PEYD Team Traveled This Winter Vacation Using Airline Miles and Credit Card Points

PART 1: Married Couple With Young Child—West Coast Trip

Winter break is always a challenging time of year to get hold of affordable airfare and travel packages. Nevertheless, this stood as no deterrent for the PEYD Team in planning their family vacations with members and staff

Keeping Everyone Happy (and in Costume) on Purim

Tops Tips From Child Development Experts

Purim is an exciting time of year that can also be overwhelming for sensory-sensitive kids. What with the frequent shaking of the gragger, banging when Haman’s name is called, multitudes of people at shul, massive

SINAI at SAR: ‘This Is the School I Have Prayed For’

The word is out, all over the tri-state area. There is an inestimable impact on families when their child with special needs gets the right help. Often, parents can’t resist telling others about their experience, while others merely want to shout it from the rooftops. Families who seek a Jewish day-school education for

OU Opens Doors to Women Leaders

Last week, in a message to its hundreds of member rabbis and synagogue affiliates, the Orthodox Union (OU) made a statement regarding women and leadership positions in synagogue life. Citing extensive research of a rabbinic commission, and releasing its 17-page rabbinic response concurrently, the OU

Jewish Day Schools Are Uniquely Able to Deliver an Exceptional Education for Today

In Proverbs we are taught: “Raise a child according to his inclination.” It is a lesson for the ages, with particular relevance for educators and parents today.

It inspires us as Jewish day school educators (and as parents) to truly know and understand each child, to allow his or

Emunah of America Participates in Leadership Mission and 10th World Emunah Convention in Israel

A delegation of senior figures in Emunah of America attended World Emunah’s 2017 Leadership Mission in Israel, and represented the U.S. at the movement’s 10th Annual Convention this week. The delegation, which included women from across the country, was led by Karen Spitalnick, national president of Emunah of America,

Landsmanschaft Organization Publishes English Translation of Yizkor Book

The United Zembrover Society, a landsmanschaft organization of Jews from the town of Zambrow, has published an English translation of its Yizkor book, “The Book of Zambrow” (Sefer Zambrow). Published in Yiddish and Hebrew in 1963, “The Book of Zambrow” is a memorial book to prewar Jewish life in the eastern Polish town of Zambrow.

The Halachic Plight of the Modern-Day Agunah

Reviewing Rabbinic Authority: The Vision and the Reality. By A. Yehuda Warburg. (2017) Urim Publications. 384 pages. Hardcover. ISBN-10: 965524251X.

“Rabbinic Authority: The Vision and the Reality” is the third in a series of volumes that deal with an introduction to the

Pantone Names ‘Greenery’ the Color of 2017

Carlstadt, NJ—With emerald hues, forest greens, sea foam greens and olive tones popular in recent fashion, murmurings in the fashion world hinted at a green-themed announcement from Pantone this past December, but many were still surprised by the bright shade announced as 2017’s Color of the Year. “Greenery bursts

Sage Advice for the Trump Administration

The Bible instructs every Jewish king that he must have one book with him all the time: the Torah. He should read it every day so that he will know three things: that he is accountable to God for his behavior as ruler; that he is bound by the Torah, the Constitution of his people, and is not above the law; and that he must not

Pushing Off Homework

People are always asking me the benefits of working at home.

Well, that’s not true. No one talks to me, because I work at home. I don’t really interact with the outside world. For the most part, I work in my living room, which always struck me as an odd name for a room. You’re supposed to

The Sweetness of Chesed

While most 11-year-old girls were home on a cold Thursday night doing homework or playing on their computers, Lielle Holzer and Leebee Bendheim were out shopping. And not for themselves. They were buying a bounty of birthday gifts for the participants of i-Shine in Bergen County. This outing began as a concept about a year

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