Friday, August 07, 2020


A Review of International Beit Din Case 105: Part I of II

As the controversy surrounding the International Beit Din (“IBD”) continues to swirl, there is some confusion among the general public regarding the nature of the objections to the IBD. While Batei Din have disagreed from time immemorial, this particular disagreement is qualitatively different, not just a disagreement about conclusions

Defining Modern Orthodoxy as Centrism

I found the Jewish Link’s debate between Rabbis Avrohom Gordimer ( and Michael Chernick ( enlightening. The truth is that I

The Appropriate Timing of a Get

A recent letter to the editor of this publication (“IBD Rulings Invalidated; Women Languish,” September 10, 2015) touched on the critical question of when in the divorce process a get should be issued. In general terms, the Beth Din of America to recommends that a get should be executed once a marriage is functionally over and the

Discussing the 'Big Questions' of Life

I often hear complaints that the Jewish community does not discuss the big questions of life. “Big Questions” address all-important issues of purpose: who we are and why we are here. Yet our rabbis tend to speak about issues like which blessing to recite on a specific food or how to perform a certain activity permissibly on Shabbos.

Mompreneur Caroline Gabay: Finding 'Mary Poppins' for Local Jewish Families

As a young mother, Caroline Gabay was looking to find childcare for her children. A fluent Polish, Spanish, French and English speaker, Gabay had the great fortune of sourcing highly skilled women from diverse backgrounds. With this good luck, an opportunity to help other nanny-seeking parents helped create her agency, Nanny

Roar Like a Lion: ‘Rabbi Jake’ Engages Jewish Children With Peppy Tunes

Rabbi Jake Czuper, a Jewish educator and musician from Atlanta, has been performing and educating children about Jewish values with his newly released album, a CD of high-energy, unique, kid-friendly pop tunes with sweet melodies and rhymes, all with a frum edge. If your kids love Uncle Moishy, they will love this

A Rabbi, Yom Kippur, Jail and a Little Hope

I have driven by many jails and prisons throughout my life, and I always admire the high walls and fences. There is a sense of security knowing that dangerous people are locked up on the other side of those walls. Although, in my many times passing a prison I never really stopped to pause and think about the inmates and the officers living

Discovering Columbus

Last Monday, October 12, our nation celebrated yet another holiday.

“Another holiday?” you’re saying. “I’m not cooking for this one.”

The holiday was Columbus Day. Chances are, if you went to school, you already know about Columbus, considering your

Redeeming Modern Orthodoxy

The patient is hemorrhaging. In fact, the patient does not seem to even know who he is. It sounds pretty dire.

The patient is Modern Orthodoxy, and it in silent crisis mode. As it loses youth to assimilation on secular college campuses, some of its liberal elements have abandoned ship and migrated to the

Could the UN Be Danny Danon’s First Step in a Run for Bibi’s Job?

( A little over a year after Danny Danon was fired in 2014 as Deputy Defense Minister for his criticism of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s handling of Operation Protective Edge, Danon now finds himself as Israel’s Ambassador to the UN. This seems like an odd move for the PM after Danon had said Bibi was conducting the war the way

Thank You for Everything

It happened.  The nightmare we all fear.  I was having cabinets installed in my home and something went wrong!  When you invest so much time, effort and money in a project, you don’t want it to come out bad.  Frantically, I called the cabinet installer.  OK, I didn’t call him.  I texted him, What’s Apped his boss, and

My Shul Mate Else z”l

“Hubby here?” The familiar, friendly question came from good-natured Else (pronounced El-sa) Roth each Saturday as she peeked through the lace curtain on the mechitza.

As she turned to me after affirming my answer, “French nails this week,” she would comment, as she nodded approvingly

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