Monday, September 25, 2017


Can Simchas and Healthy Lifestyle Choices Mix?

Everyone knows the excitement and anticipation felt before a big “shmorg.” Similarly, many can relate to the morning-after regrets of bloating, feeling stuffed and general discomfort caused by overindulging at such events. But kiddush goers and simcha attendees can take comfort in the fact that they are not

Thoughts From Alon Shvut After Terror Hits Home Once Again

This past Motzei Shabbat, I told my husband that I think we live in the safest place in the world.

It was right after havdala, and I had just turned on my cell phone and discovered that while we were sitting and enjoying our Friday night dinner with our children, there had been a shooting in the

Beloved Rebbetzin Ruth Schonfeld’s Petira Saddens Many Communities

Asara B’Tevet, marked this year on Sunday, January 8, commemorated a national disaster for klal Yisrael when the Babylonians first surrounded the Beit Hamikdash with towers for two and a half years and instilled fear in Yerushalayim’s inhabitants. One day later, on January 9, communities within the United States as well as

Music in Jewish Day Schools

Music is an integral part of a young person’s life. Most students in Jewish day schools will sing a Jewish song in tefillah at least once a day, and many of those same students will engage in some sort of musical activity, whether it be tapping a pencil, singing a harmony or reviewing a section of Fur Elise on the piano, at least

Speak of Nothing

It’s almost January 16, and do you know what day that is? That’s right: It’s National Nothing Day.

Don’t pretend. You did not know that. In fact, you’re probably saying, “I thought every day was National Nothing Day.”

But it’s true. I

Pesach in Vallarta

Typically, after winter break, the next big vacation begins to loom in the minds of the Jewish community—the often-dreaded Pesach holiday. The intense cleaning, the precise kashering, the shopping for both clothing and overpriced food, not to mention the cooking marathon, leave very little time to enjoy any sense of

Israel Spotlight: Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman is studying in Yeshivat Lev Hatorah in Ramat Bet Shemesh. He is from Scarsdale, and attended Westchester Day School for elementary school and SAR for high school. His family davens at Young Israel of Scarsdale.

His next stop? New York University.


The Shpielmans Have Arrived Just in Time for Chanukah

Come meet the Shpielmans—a Jewish family of toy figures combining quality with extra fun—perfect for children, and designed beautifully enough for a museum.

The Shpielman figures promote Jewish values, depicting various traditions within our religion and

Tanya Rosen Joins Cast at Majestic Retreats/Rosen Plaza Pesach Orlando Experience

Tanya Rosen, the famous nutrition expert, has joined the lineup this year at the Majestic Retreats/Rosen Plaza Pesach in Orlando. Rosen is the owner of Nutrition by Tanya, with locations in Flatbush, Boro Park, Williamsburg, Monsey and Lakewood. She is also the creator of the Shape Fitness Kosher Workout DVD series, which

Author Pamela Hull Explores Challenges of Aloneness in Middle Age and Beyond

Review of “Say Yes! Flying Solo After Sixty,” by Pamela Hull. (2016) Paperback. Page Publishing, Inc. ISBN-10: 1683489721.

Pamela Hull’s new book “Say Yes! Flying Solo After Sixty” is an inspiring work that narrates the author’s experiences of loss and

‘The Art of Jewish Pastoral Counseling': An Important Resource

Review of ‘The Art of Jewish Pastoral Counseling: A Guide for All Faiths,’ by Michelle Friedman and Rachel Yehuda (2016) Hardcover or paperback. (226 pages) Routledge. ISBN-10 1138690228/1138690236.

On December 1, over a hundred distinguished guests, including academics, lay

Tips for Happy Hosting During the Holidays

Are you hosting a holiday party this year? Hosting has its share of anxieties: Will everyone have a good time? Will I be able to enjoy the event? Will the kids behave? Will the food be good?

It is always a lot of pressure to host a family get-together, especially when it’s your first time. You

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