Tuesday, August 11, 2020


Israeli Rocket Sculptor Visits WTA

On Wednesday, September 18, Westchester Torah Academy (WTA) hosted Israeli artist Yaron Bob. Bob has gained fame for his sculptures made of remnants of terror rockets and missiles, as well as Iron Dome fragments.

Bob lives in Yated, a small town in southwest Israel, near Gaza

View the Work of Artist Fred Spinowitz at ArtsFest 

Since 2009, ArtsFest has been a fall tradition, a weeklong festival celebrating the arts in New Rochelle and Pelham, with art exhibits, open artists’ studios, live music and dance, spoken-word performances, a classic car show and more. ArtsFest is organized every year by the New Rochelle Council on the Arts (NRCA).

State Legislators and Leaders From Nonpublic Schools Fete $60 Million in State Funding

(Courtesy of Teach NYS) Teach NYS, a project of the Orthodox Union (OU) and a leading advocate for equitable funding for New York State’s nonpublic schools, honored State Sen. Shelley Mayer and lay leaders Daniel Lowy from Manhattan and Elizabeth and Joe Braha from Brooklyn recently at its annual dinner at the

The Auschwitz Shofar and Spiritual Resistance

A shofar was sounded at the Museum of Jewish Heritage: A Living Memorial to the Holocaust, a week before Rosh Hashanah. Seventy-five years ago that same shofar was sounded in Auschwitz, and later that year aboard a steamship off the coast of Haifa when Chaskel Tydbor blew it after he caught sight of the Carmel Mountains. He and his fellow

Why I Like Sephardi Selichot

By Ezra Epstein

I don’t have many negative religious memories, but one incident does come to mind. I was about 12 years old, and I made the decision to attend Saturday night Selichot at my local shul. Being 12, I couldn’t stay up that late, so I went to sleep at a normal hour and woke up in time for

Chol Hamoed Travel Guide

Please enjoy The Jewish Link’s updated guide to help you enjoy Chol Hamoed to its fullest.

New York

Staten Island Fun Park

215 Schmidts Lane   

New England Jewish Academy Announces Transformative Tuition Initiative 

This past summer, the New England Jewish Academy (NEJA) – a newly merged Orthodox Nursery-12th grade school serving the Greater Hartford, New Haven and Springfield region – launched a transformational initiative reducing tuition by up to $10,000 per student. Thanks to the extraordinary vision and generosity

When the Walls Fell

Except for the day of 9/11, I have never felt as broken as an SAR teacher as I did this week. But I have never felt prouder either.

I have been teaching Judaic studies at SAR Academy for over 20 years. I remember the atmosphere on the day the Twin Towers came down, when we were staggering around, seeking

Listening With Love

My philosophy of education is that we start from a place of loving children. My own counseling theories, informed by the work of psychologist Carl Rogers among others and honed over more than 15 years of experience counseling students (and also as a mother of six), always have been very “person-centered.” I believe in getting to the

Why Don’t We Cry Anymore on the High Holidays?

I distinctly remember being in shul on Yom Kippur when I was a youngster, and when the chazzan repeated the line in the Shema Koleinu prayer—“Do not cast us away in our old age”—several women sitting in the front row of the women’s section burst into tears. In fact, I would always hear very loud and audible cries on

Chabad of Yonkers Plans Rosh Hashanah Services

Rosh Hashanah begins this year on Sunday night, September 29. Chabad of Yonkers will hold services at 6:30 p.m., followed by a 7 p.m. community dinner. Services on Monday, Sept. 30, and Tuesday, October 1, will begin at 10 a.m., with children’s services at 11 a.m., and shofar blowing at 11:30 a.m.

Please contact the Chabad of Yonkers/Greystone Jewish Center

Facing Tefillah, Community and Family

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. It is a time of reflection, a time of spirituality. For many people, tefillah, community and family feel like a warm embrace. To others, such as those experiencing infertility, these can feel more like a straitjacket.

I always ask my patients about their religious

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