Thursday, April 18, 2019

Typically, when I first place this surprising dessert on the table my guests are slightly shocked and not exactly sure what to make of it.


  • Small clay plant pots (available in AJ Moore)
  • Vanilla ice cream* 
  • Oreo cookies* 
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Any type of artificial plastic flower


Completely crush cookies

Place one tbsp of cookies at bottom of each plant pot

Add two tbsp of ice cream to each pot

Drizzle with chocolate syrup

Add one tsp of cookie crumbs

Add ice cream to just below top of pot

Cover with cookie crumbs and place flower in center of pot

Note: This may be made days prior to serving and frozen.

Trick: Be sure to place a small piece of tape under the plant pot covering the hole in which the water is supposed to drain prior to beginning the preparation process.

Going to the trouble of preparing these little pots is something I only do for special occasions, but the reception is well worth my time and effort.

*Trader Joe’s sells delicious pareve options for a meat meal.

By Nina Glick


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