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Yogurt parfaits are such a delicious snack that everyone always wants to eat the whole thing. And now you can—even the bowl! This fun twist on a classic snack is easy to make, easy to eat and a great activity to work on with your kids. All you need is an apple, some yogurt and whatever toppings you want to put in for this healthy and tasty recipe. So, if you’re ever feeling hungry and have a few spare minutes, grab your kids and get started!


Apples—one per person

Yogurt—any flavor (For a pareve option, fill the apple bowl with fresh fruit or sorbet.)

Toppings—like granola, chocolate chips or other fruit

First you need to make the apple bowl. Cut the top off the apple about a third of the way from the top. Take the bigger bottom part and carve out the inside flesh of the apple, leaving at least a half an inch of thickness to the walls and base of the “bowl” you are making. After the bowl is complete, pour in the yogurt flavor of your choice and sprinkle on whatever toppings you’d like—granola is a good choice if you want to make the snack a bit more filling.

Now you have two options of what to do with the top part. If you’re feeling a bit artsy, you can make it into a flower shape. Cut out little triangles pointing toward the center stem, and then round out the edges, forming segments that are petal shaped like the picture above. Then carve off an almond-shaped patch of apple skin from each petal to complete the design. When you are finished, push a toothpick into the flower like a flower stem, in between two of the petal segments. Stick the other end into the bottom of the apple bowl for an elegant touch; try to put it toward the edge of the bowl so there is room for the spoon to move when you are eating the yogurt.

If, like many of us, you don’t have time for that, you can just use the top apple piece as a cute lid. After filling the hollowed-out bottom part with yogurt and toppings, simply put the top part back onto the bowl before serving it. Bonus: The stem will serve as the perfect handle.

By Rachel Retter

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