Friday, May 29, 2020

I snapped this photo of two well-dressed dogs before the judges dug in. They didn’t win though. I suppose that makes them the underdogs.

(l-r) A&H CEO Seth Leavitt and Melinda Strauss, A&H Hot Dog Decorating Contest winner.

Bethel Creamery is introducing plain and maple yogurts, hitting the shelves soon. Smooth, creamy and delicious!

“We make it, you bake it” is Crusters slogan. The only New Jersey outlet for this Brooklyn company’s frozen, par-baked pastries is Lakewood Kosher Village. I hope they’ll come to our area one day. I’m still thinking about the scrumptious rugelach I tried.

Saito Sake, certified last year, is the fifth kosher brewery in Japan.

Ur Kasdim, a 2017 New Product Award winner, is a semi-sweet Muscat Ottonel from De La Rosa Real Foods and Vineyards. This mevushal, low-alcohol wine is flowery and fruity; not too sweet, not too dry.

Gluten-free brownies from the Run-A-Ton Group, a division of Wholly Wholesome, named a 2017 New Product Award winner. The gluten-free pizza was also a winner for me.

Yoni’s Pretzel Challah is now widely available throughout New York and New Jersey. Yoni is making half loaves of his signature challah and introducing multigrain and sourdough breads.

Everyone in the food industry came to Kosherfest to meet, mingle and make new contacts. Producers met distributors, who met retailers. New products joined classics. And we all nibbled our way through the aisles. Here’s a taste of Kosherfest 2017. 


 By Bracha Schwartz


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