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Wave Hill and Moss Cafe Partner to Offer Kosher Options to Patrons

The historical Wave Hill is partnering up with kosher restaurant Moss Cafe at North Riverdale’s beautiful gardens. Beginning on June 5 and on Sundays only, Moss Cafe will be serving its local, sustainable and made-from-scratch menu at The Cafe at Wave Hill. This is a pilot program that will extend into July. Moss Cafe, under the Va’ad

Israeli Wines for Yom Ha’atzmaut

One of the traditions of Yom Ha’atzmaut is the nearly mandatory BBQ, often referred to as the mitzvah of the day by the Israelis. A great BBQ is not complete without all the salads, grilled corn and fresh fruits. And of course, some delicious Israeli wines to pair with the plethora of

Recipe Revealed: Sababa’s Flavorful, Memorable Quinoa Salad

Danny and Mali Mizrahi, owners of Sababa Grill in Teaneck, have long been known for the restaurant’s delectable, classic Middle Eastern menu and inspired, authentic Israeli cuisine. Accessible, affordable and unassuming, tucked away near Rocklin’s newsstand, Brier Rose Books and Butterflake Bake Shop on Cedar Lane,

Great Wines for a Great Pesach

Many new wines have been released recently, offering a large array of choices for the occasional drinker and the more sophisticated palate alike. Big, bold, dry red wines; light, refreshing whites and roses or delightfully sweet wines, the selection is larger and more diversified than ever.

Herzog Releases the New Variations Oak Series: An Exclusive New Concept

Battle of the Barrels is the theme that was chosen for the new Herzog Variations Oak series. Following the successful Variations series released last year, which highlighted the famous Herzog Winery in California, they are releasing a brand new series comprising two wines that were made based on a seemingly simple

Author Victoria Dwek Shares Passover Recipes

Victoria Dwek says she’s just a regular mom, taking care of a husband, kids and a house—who also happens to be a prolific author.

The food editor of Ami Magazine, and co-author with Leah Schapira of “Secret Restaurant Recipes” and “Passover Made Easy,” among others, demonstrated several dishes to whip up for Pesach at

A Stress-Free Pesach

Getting ready for Pesach is fun when you are going away for Pesach. I don’t get to do it too often, but when I do, it is definitely fun. And stress-free. No cleaning, no shopping, no cooking, no preparing, no menu strategizing. Well, there is the packing. (I know, boo hoo.) My Pesach cookbook shelf stands neglected and lonely. I

Drowning Out BDS With Israeli Wine

Israel’s wine industry is thriving, and Israel’s wine exports remain largely very healthy. This is in spite of the fever-pitched efforts of the fiercely anti-Israel “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” (BDS) movement promoting international punitive economic policies against Israel, and consumer

In Good Spirits for Pesach

Pesach comes with its many traditional dishes that most of us usually eat only during this holiday. However, most wines and spirits are enjoyed throughout the year with a few exceptions for this holiday such as Scotch, bourbon and beer, as these are not kosher for Pesach.

Kosher Dominates at Brisket King of NYC Competition

In an unprecedented move in the kosher culinary world, a real true kosher-keeping chef has left the Brisket King NYC competition with the crown. Texas born and current Riverdalian Ari White of Got Cholent/Wandering Que (and soon to be released Red Heifer Specialty Kosher Meats) headquartered in Yonkers walked away

Pepper Steak Again?

Have we ever talked about pepper steak? How is it possible after all this time that I never mentioned it? It’s such a great dinner—succulent pieces of steak, sautéed peppers and onions, over a bed of rice (brown or white, your choice!) I guess I haven’t made it in a while because the last time I did, the kids accused me of

Kosher Taste Cookbook Provides a Recipe for Every Palate

KOSHER TASTE: Plan. Prepare. Plate.

Simple Ingredients Impressive Results

By Amy Stopnicki

Feldheim / April 2016

$29.99 /

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