Wednesday, August 05, 2020

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Tofu Provides Relief from Chicken Every Night

How many nights in a row can you serve chicken to your family? I can probably get away with two for sure, but by the third night, it definitely has to be camouflaged or morphed into some other entity. You know the drill: chicken on the bone must be deboned, and chicken cutlets must be cut up into bite sized pieces or

Kayco-Kedem and Whole Foods to Provide New and Exclusive Kosher-for-Passover Items

Shoppers looking for the latest foodie trends or traditional products for Passover can count on finding dozens of new and exclusive kosher for Passover offerings at Whole Foods Market, thanks to Kedem Food Products, a leading manufacturer and distributor of kosher foods based in Bayonne, NJ.

‘The Kosher Baker’ Paula Shoyer Wows YINR’s Women’s League

The YINR Women’s League hosted its annual cooking demonstration last week with Celebrity chef Paula Shoyer, also known as the Kosher Baker. Shoyer has been a fixture in the kosher cooking scene, with her guest appearance in Food Network’s Sweet Genius in 2011, and as the author of

The Beauty of Advance Prep for Weeknight Dinners

So I had the opportunity to have a number of conversations about dinner this week. (No, I wasn’t talking to myself, although that was a good guess.) I spoke with young people, old people, people with kids, people with no kids, working people and stay-at-home people. (And I guess “people” is a euphemism for women.) The story

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Brrr! I know it’s the end of January and it shouldn’t be a big surprise, but what the heck happened to the weather? The mild November and December months truly gave me a false sense of security that maybe the winter would pass us by this year. I was so hopeful. Ah, well. As I get older, I realize I’m just going to have to

Tu B’Shvat Delight: Enjoy Sweet Potato ‘Cups’ Filled With Dried Fruits and Couscous

On Tu B’Shvat, the New Year of the Trees, Boys Town Jerusalem students look forward to two holiday highlights: planting new saplings on the campus grounds, and enjoying a festive meal of fruit delights prepared by BTJ chef Avi Chamal.

“Each one of the 3,000 meals we cook and serve each day

Quick and Yummy: Croatian Baked Beans

This is great as a side dish.


2 cans chickpeas, drained

1 can red beans, drained

1 can little white beans, drained


Cappuccino Chocolate Chip, Pecan Swirl, Pumpkin Cream Cheese...

It will be difficult for us to choose which flavor muffin to indulge our taste buds when our “Shop ‘til You Drop” group to Israel visits the Muffin Boutique at 16 Ben Yehuda.

The aesthetically pleasing and warm atmosphere of the store is absolutely due to the charm and

Breakfast for Dinner

Everyone has done it. You all know you’ve done it. We all have, at one point in time or another. Come on, it’s late, you are out of time, out of ideas, and you have no other options. It’s going to be breakfast for dinner. And I’m not talking about “breakfast” for dinner, with the fancy chocolate chip banana pancakes,

Moss Cafe: The New Riverdale Hub

Like its name, Moss Cafe is a delicately decorated, burgeoning, farm-to-table cafe, quietly nestled between a cleaners and hair salon on Johnson Ave. in Riverdale. The six-month-old cafe’s minimalist typography, natural lighting and large glass store-front is an eye-catcher to passersby.

Katsuji Tanabe Repeats One-Day Mexikosher Pitopia Pop-Up

Manhattan–Foodies of all backgrounds–but certainly the vast majority kosher-keeping Jews–lined Broadway near Times Square on December 15 for the second-ever Mexikosher Pop-up at Pitopia. The one-day event, orchestrated by part-time Teaneck resident and Pitopia’s owner, Kevin Cohnen, drew people from near and far to

Everything Chicken

Things are really heating up around this time of year, and I’m not just talking about the weather! Teachers are trying to finish up units of work, getting tests in, with due dates for papers and assignments quickly approaching. Some of us are planning long-awaited vacation getaways, while athletic teams are heading into the heart

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