Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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STAR-K Food Service Kashrus Training Seminar Is Worth the Trip

Shai and Maayan Ben-Eli traveled the farthest—5,863 miles from Yerushalayim—to attend the STAR-K Food Service Kashrus Training Seminar held in the agency’s Baltimore offices, August 5-7. The Ben-Elis are being groomed not only as STAR-K mashgichim for their upcoming move to Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India, but as

Understanding Bordeaux Wine – Part I: The Secrets of Pomerol

Several months ago, the most recent issue of “DiVine Magazine” published an article written by yours truly, focusing on my visit to the kosher wine producing Chateaux in Bordeaux. Discussing my journey was essentially about relating my experience exploring ancient castles and mansions, which have been

Flam Winery, a Family Affair

The foundation of the Flam family business and culture are not an anomaly when it comes to the typical picture of a family business.

It’s the same old story of a man, his wife and children following in his footsteps to establish a

The Kosher Wines From La Mancha

It might seem like an impossible dream. Moises and Anna Cohen live in Spain, in Catalonia’s Monsant region, and they are among the first Sephardic Jews to own land in that country since the Inquisition. Not only do they live and work in Spain, but since 2003, they have owned a business, making high quality kosher wine; certified

Kosher Exhibitors Display Hechshers at Candy Expo

(koshertoday.com) An unprecedented number of exhibits at the Sweets Snacks Expo at McCormick Place in Chicago displayed their kosher certification, a sign of the growing role of kosher in the confectionary arena. Matilda Vicenzi, “Italian Fine Pastry since 1905,” displayed its big OU Kosher sign. Matthew Normand of Galil was showcasing

Kosher Fish Legend Rabbi Berel Raskin Passes Away at 84

(koshertoday.com) He was an iconic figure at the annual Kosherfest in the Meadowlands Convention Center but even more so in his neighborhood, Crown Heights. For decades, Rabbi Berel Raskin’s fish store on Kingston Avenue, which opened in 1961, was the quintessential kosher fish store, replete with the always warm embrace of Reb

Honor Matan Torah With Honorable Wines

Shavuot is not an eight-day long Yom Tov like Sukkot or Pesach, yet it is no less important. Indeed, as we celebrate Matan Torah, we also have special Yom Tov meals, which means special wines are in order, as well. While the minhag in many communities is to eat a

Enjoy Craft Beer Cheddar by the Cheese Guy

Our delectable craft beer cheddar is brew and cheese in every bite. Small batches of handcrafted cheese curds are soaked in a local IPA during the cheese making process. Once the artisan cheddar is formed, it is then cellar-aged for a year.

The result is an exhilarating food experience. On the

Wissotzky Introduces New Line of Chai Teas

(Courtesy of Wissotzky) With today’s exploding fascination with international cuisines, American palates are increasingly eager to experience bolder, spicier flavors. That’s why more and more consumers are indulging in chai tea—a blend of herbs, spices and black tea that can be enjoyed, as Indian custom dictates,

Make Your Mom a Yogurt Parfait on Mother’s Day

Make sure you have at least one parent, guardian or older sibling’s permission and help with shopping and preparing before you start working in the kitchen! If you are younger than 7, make sure you have someone to help you all along the way. 

Yogurt parfaits (pronounced par-fays) are a fancy

Get Ready for Outdoor Cooking Season 

(Courtesy of Pereg) There’s no denying it: one of civilization’s greatest inventions is the outdoor grill. Why? Because come summer, it doesn’t get much better than spending less time in the kitchen and more time in the backyard.

Grilling is all about easy meals with lots of flavor and

Passover Desserts So Good You Will Make ThSm Year-Round

 Chocolate Quinoa Cake

Recipe excerpted from “The Healthy Jewish Kitchen”

Serves 12

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