Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Food & Wine

A Wine’s Exodus: From Vine to Barrel

Families and friends gather each year for the Seder meal to retell the incredible story of Pesach. From beginning to end, the story of Pesach reminds us of the hardships the Jewish people endured as slaves in Egypt thousands of years ago, following their pathway to freedom.

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Fish is a Four Letter Word

Fish is a dirty word in my house. I have to think two or three times about whether I am willing to risk it. Who is going to eat, and who will not. When I finally bite the bullet and make it for dinner, I hold my breath until the news is made public. Then I breathe out and wait for the reaction. “Oh, fish?” Like it’s a big

Tackling the Dinner Monster

Sometimes the hardest part about cooking dinner is simply knowing what to make. If someone could just tell you what to put on the table each night, half your problems would be solved. (Okay, maybe one of your problems.) You would know what ingredients to shop for, and you would be prepared to forge ahead and cook. Right? You would

The Chicken Do-Over

For us non-dinner-planners, the benefits of a well-stocked pantry can’t be over-emphasized. It makes throw-dinner-together-at-the-last-minute doable. It also makes recycling leftovers possible, if not easy! And since I consider myself a non-dinner-planner (even though I know planning is so very important) the very least I can do

In a Hurry? Garbage Soup is the Best!

With a chill in the air, soup is always a delicious way to fill your belly and warm the cockles of your heart. A hearty, geshmack soup with sandwiches and salads on the side would fit the bill. You can order them in from your favorite caterer or take out place, or take the time to prep your favorites. This recipe makes enough soup

The Beit El Winery

When winemaker Hillel Manne moved to Beit El in 1996 he asked about agricultural land. He was told that the shallow Terra Rosa soil on limestone, coupled with harsh winters, made agriculture here unlikely. That was when he got excited. With his experience managing the vineyard at Israel’s Kibbutz Shaalavim and studying

The Dinner Lady: Veggie Chili

They expect to eat dinner. Every. Single. Night. It’s not so much that I mind making dinner, as much as I mind those three little words: “What’s for dinner?” The texts start pinging mid-day. Never have three words had the power to instill anxiety and tension like those. Especially at 4:00, when you realize you haven’t

Red Tape and Snags Delay Opening of New York City’s First Kosher Smokehouse in Crown Heights

Crown Heights—When Izzy Eidelman announced plans to open the city’s first kosher smokehouse, Jewish gourmands began to salivate. But six months later and counting, the Crown Heights eatery still doesn’t have an opening date due to a multitude of pitfalls and a slew of city inspections still needed.

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