Friday, August 07, 2020

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Chanukah Parties Demand Celebratory Wines

Winter has come early this year, with significant snowfalls on the East Coast already in mid-November. As far as wine is concerned, my immediate thought when I see snow is “Time to take out the Port!” This year the snow also reminded me that Chanukah was around the corner. 

Chanukah: A Time for Latkes

Latkes, or in Hebrew “livivot,” are a traditional food for Chanukah. The basic ingredients are simple: potatoes, onions, eggs, flour, seasoning and oil, lots of oil, for frying. However, every professional and home chef has a personal twist on this simple recipe. The trick is to fry your latkes perfectly crispy on the

‘Perfect Flavors’ Is a Global Tour of Kosher Cuisine

Reviewing “Perfect Flavors: Creative, easy-to-prepare recipes inspired by my family and travels.” By Naomi Nachman. Artscroll Mesorah Publications Ltd. 2018. English. Hardcover. ISBN-13: 978-1422622384. 

“Perfect Flavors” is Naomi Nachman’s

Old World Wines With New World Grapes: Flam Winery Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Last week at Manhattan’s Noi Due Carne, a 20th anniversary wine pairing dinner was held with Gilad Flam, the public face of the Flam Winery, a high-end, family-owned boutique winery cushioned in the lush Judean Hills just outside of Jerusalem.

One of the key points Flam made during

Celebrating the Exotic Animals of Tanach 

It has always been important for Jews to write down recipes from our mothers and grandmothers and serve those precious treats to our own children. Jewish foods have a place in our mesorah, our historic oral tradition. Our traditions surrounding what foods we’re allowed to eat are part of the Torah itself, dating back to the

ABC Nutrition Figures out Fermented Foods 

Fermented foods have long been prized for their numerous health benefits for centuries. What does fermented mean? These are foods that have been through a special processing in which natural, healthy bacteria feed on the sugars and carbs that are present in the food. Economically, fermented foods are relatively inexpensive and stay fresh

Health Coach Rorie Weisberg Presents ‘Living Full ’n Free’ on

Rorie Weisberg has two passions: great food and helping others achieve fuller, healthier lifestyles. And her mission is to change people’s lives through balanced living, one wholesome ingredient at a time.

Now, the certified health coach from Monsey, New York, will show how easy it is to make

Easy, Tasty and Quick Tomato Soup

As the colder air sets in we are all more receptive and anxious for a hot bowl of soup at the end of the day. Recently I came upon an old recipe that takes no time to prepare and tastes really yummy. It can be made in advance or within an hour prior to serving. I find that the longer it sits, the thicker and more tasteful it gets.

Chefman Teams Up With Teen Star of ‘Chopped’

(Courtesy of Chefman) Chefman, a leader in developing innovative kitchen appliances that take the stress out of cooking, is teaming up with famed 16-year-old chef and Food Network’s “Chopped” competitor, Chef Eitan Bernath. The duo plans to use their passion for cooking to  give home chefs

Cholent and Kugel Will Never Get Old...Well, Until They Get Old

Reviewing: Sweet Noshings (What Jew Wanna Eat), by Amy Kritzer. Published by Rock Point/ Hardcover (also available as an ebook), 128 pages, 2016.  

Amy Kritzer has reinvented and shaken up traditional

Four Superbly Smooth New Reds From California’s Twin Suns 

Twin Suns, the collaborative California project of cult kosher winemakers Shimon and Gabriel Weiss—whose high-end label Shirah Wines continues to shine with indy brilliance—and Ami and Larissa Nahari, the Weiss’ distributors from The River Wine, just released four 2016 vintages, with one of them as

Kosher Dinner Lady Hosts Cooking Camp 2018

This summer, The Kosher Dinner Lady, Rachel Berger, offered two one-week sessions of her cooking camp. As explained by Berger, the camp is designed for children ages 8 to 14, with the goal of making participants comfortable in the kitchen and excited to experiment with

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