Friday, August 07, 2020

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Wow Your Guests With a ‘Plant’ for Dessert

Typically, when I first place this surprising dessert on the table my guests are slightly shocked and not exactly sure what to make of it.

Stunned About Starbucks? Star-K Rep Explains the Change

Kosher-keeping coffee drinkers shared confusion and dismay on social media last week when a screenshot made the rounds suggesting some of their favorite Starbucks products lost their kosher certification.

To get to

A Totally Epic Steak Sandwich

This is definitely a man’s meal which you won’t be able to resist yourself! This steak sandwich is epic and incredibly simple! Whether you buy the BBQ sauce or make this homemade recipe (though come on, homemade always tastes better than store bought) this will definitely be a dinner

Six Three-Ingredient Burgers

Enhance ground beef with these flavorsome trios.

1. Splash of Soy sauce + sprinkle of fresh or dried basil + crushed garlic clove


‘Millennial Kosher’ Gives Fresh Inspiration to Cooks of All Ages

Reviewing: “Millenial Kosher,” by Chani Apfelbaum. ArtScroll Shaar Press, 2018, 320 pages. ISBN-10: 142262055. $31.49.

Launching the Barbecue Season With Zesty Thai Peanut Sauce

With my wide grill pan I don’t have to wait all year for this glorious beginning of barbecue season to enjoy grilled chicken, one of my favorite Friday night dishes. Last week I didn’t have any fresh ginger, which is a must for “traditional” Thai peanut

Grainy Business: What’s the Deal With Whole Grains Anyway?

Most people have feasted their eyes and taste buds on a sandwich of some kind in their lifetime, be it PB&J, grilled cheese or a deli sandwich with the works. The bookends of those sandwiches, aka sliced bread, have definitely progressed over the years, starting out as basic white bread, but

Bon Appetech! Israeli Food and Wine Tech Play Key Roles in the Way We Eat and Enjoy Life

The Jewish state’s renowned “start-up nation” mentality isn’t just confined to creating cyber-security, med-tech or software solutions. During the past 70 years, Israel’s burgeoning food and wine industries have quietly revolutionized product development,

Love Tapenade? Try Olive Turkey Breast!

From the company that recently brought you a new line of Smoked Chicken Pastrami, KJ Poultry continues to bring innovation and quality with their new line of Olive Turkey Breast. The new line of Olive Turkey Breast is available individual slices and in bulk. Made from all natural ingredients,

Enjoy a Flavorful Dinner With Minimal Ingredients

So we are now in the home stretch of the school year. The weather, while still a little fickle, is finally making sense, spring sports are well under way and the sun is setting so late that I think it’s 3 o’clock when it is already 7. That’s actually not so good, because my day gets thrown

The Festival of the First Fruits, the Feast of the First Wines


Shavuos is the holiday on which the Am Yisrael celebrates Matan Torah from God at the foot of Har Sinai. There is a well-known custom of eating dairy meals during this holiday. One of the reasons is that Am Yisrael became obligated then to keep all the laws of kashrus. Since the Torah

Tastes Like Spring

I keep checking my garden for signs of life. Okay, I don’t really have a “garden” in the traditional sense of the word, but I do have a backyard, and stuff grows there. Green shoots show up in the spring, and when they do, I am happy.

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