Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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‘The Cheese Guy’ to Hold Pre-Pesach Pop-Up Event in Riverdale

Brent Delman, otherwise known as The Cheese Guy, is hosting an artisanal cheese pop-up event with delicious bites and his OU-certified kosher-for-Passover cheese for sale. In addition, there will be a wine and beer tasting. (Don’t worry; the beer will be kept far from the kosher-for-Passover cheese!) Several of the

The Jewish Link Recommends: Great Wines for the Four Cups

With a lot of help from my discerning and talented wine-tasting team, we sought wines that are light enough to drink a glass or two, but meaningful enough to enjoy and sustain us through the marathon Seder repast,

A Dish for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

With Pesach just a few short weeks away, I am busy cleaning, shopping and planning my menus. (OK, maybe I am just thinking about doing those things.) In any event, I am not so focused on finding and trying new recipes right now, rather I am sticking to simple tried-and-true favorites. Well,

YINR Crowns 2018 Top Cholent Chef

On February 23, YINR hosted its Eighth Annual Cholent Throwdown. Cholent, a stew prepared before the onset of Shabbat, usually cooks overnight to provide a warmed dish for Shabbat lunch. Its slow cooking method allows the flavors of the various ingredients to permeate the

Cooking Is Risky Business

It’s risky to cook new things. Even though you want to. You really do. But you never know how it will turn out. Using new ingredients, new spices, new cooking methods, you never know if anyone will be willing to eat it. And you certainly don’t know if anyone will

Foolproof Hamantashen

Baking hamantashen for Purim is a family tradition for many of us. Also a family tradition for many of us is quickly eating all the hamantashen that have spread open in the oven. As delicious as hamantashen are (no matter how they look), you can’t exactly show them off

The World’s Greatest Recipe

Did you ever notice how some recipes claim to be the best? Actually, not just the best, but the best ever.

Royal Wines’ KFWE Wows Sell-Out Crowd With Delicate Bites, Impressive Wines

Tasty wines from Israel, France, Spain, Argentina, Italy, New Zealand and, of course, California’s Napa Valley were on glittering display on Monday at the 12th Kosher Food and Wine Experience, Royal Wines’ annual New York event at Chelsea Piers. Also available for tasting were

Tu B’Shevat: Let Them Eat Cake

Tu B’Shevat. The 15th day of Shevat. When I was growing up it was the day they gave you smelly buckser (dried carob) in a bag, together with dried dates and raisins that no kid wanted to eat. We sang

Kosher Cookbook Club Holds First Event

The Kosher Cookbook Club, a new Facebook group, held its first event on Sunday, January 21. The club was an idea cooked up by the Kosher Dinner Lady, Rachel Berger. “I have a huge collection of cookbooks, some which I have never cooked

It’s Winter, Get Over It

Cold, wind, ice, snow, yada, yada, yada. Okay, we know—it’s freezing! So bundle up and move on! Soups and stews are not making it any warmer, and the thought of them is just stressing me out about needing to cook more! Bomb cyclone? A little melodramatic term coined for the headlines,

Three Fun Food Ideas to Beat Mealtime Madness

Does feeding your kid send you into a frenzy? The reality is that while meal times are a valued part of the familial fabric, they can be more battle than bonding.

“When you make something

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