Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Those who suffered 2,000 years of persecution surely recognize the danger of a government that has abandoned the principle of equal justice under the law. There is now the clear and present danger that progressives—who have their own set of laws—will buy every available election this November 6, with billions of taxpayer dollars, from behind closed doors.

New York’s June 26 primary affords New Yorkers the ability to play a major role in healing our country of the most severe case of political strife in a generation. Voters can now put an end to the severe divide between progressives and conservatives that is tearing our country apart. There is now a website that draws a line in the sand, and enables every member of Congress to inform all Americans where they stand. Do they stand for the Constitution of the United States, as written and meant to be read, including “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,” or not?

A quick visit to www.c3candidates.com informs all Americans whether their representatives in Congress stand with the Constitution or with progressives. Those who refuse to stand with the Constitution need to be replaced by those who will. By filling all 460 seats now up for election in Congress, with “certified constitutional candidates,” we will usher in a new era of domestic tranquility, prosperity, liberty and justice. New Yorkers can lead the way by making a clean sweep of all 28 New York seats now up for election.

Israel Teitelbaum, Co-Founder

Alliance for Free Choice
in Education

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