Monday, January 27, 2020

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Medicare Myth #5 Comes Alive: The F/A’s Mother’s Friend Said What?


What Are the Characteristics of an Effective Therapist?

There are basic characteristics that effective therapists have in common. It is worthwhile to look for these traits when seeking out a therapist.

• They are up to date on the latest research and know what methods are effective.

• They know how to

Hundreds Attend United Task Force’s Annual Catskills Nine Days Conference

(Courtesy of Shalom Task Force) A standing room-only crowd of over 350 women participated in 

this year’s United Task Force’s Annual Catskills Nine Days Conference, which took place at the Fallsview Estate Shul. The United Task Force in collaboration with Hatzalah, MASK,

Israelis Discover Way to Prevent Melanoma Turning Lethal

Researchers discover that fat cells play key role in deadly skin cancer transformation and have come up with a way to block process.

Melanoma is the stuff of cancer nightmares. While treatable when locked in the skin’s outer layer, once it penetrates deeper and metastasizes in vital

The Workshop People Remember When It Matters Most 

Recently, at a Shalom Task Force educational workshop that I gave at a college, a student asked: “How does someone know how to have a healthy relationship?”  

This seemingly simple question caused me to take a step back. Do we assume that students will automatically know

New Handheld Sensor Identifies Allergens in Food

In the US, food allergies trigger anaphylactic shock in someone every six minutes. Israel’s SensoGenic may have a way to cut those stats drastically.

At 1 year old, Noam Yasovsky was diagnosed with allergies to eggs, sesame and milk. Eating at other people’s homes or in restaurants has been a

Israeli Discovery Could Delay Parkinson’s Progression

(JNS) Researchers at Tel Aviv University have discovered a new way to detect a protein associated with Parkinson’s disease which could “significantly delay” the progression of the disease, for which there is currently no cure.

According to the researchers, they have developed a new method

What the Fertility Doctor Wishes You Knew: An Interview With Ellen Goldstein, MD, FACOG

What does it take to become a fertility specialist?

The short answer? Lots of years of medical training! The longer answer is that fertility specialists are sub-specialty trained OB/GYNs, which means that I first went through four years of undergrad

The Ultimate Family Meal

We have just completed the holiday of Pesach, the highlight of which is the Seder. A 2016 USA Today article reported that up to 70 percent of all American Jews take part in a Seder. What makes the Seder so special?  While the evening’s unique foods and songs hint at the answers, there is a more fundamental reason that

‘Fauda’ Comes to Sheba Medical Center

(Courtesy of Sheba Medical Center) Sheba Medical Center, which was recently cited by Newsweek magazine as one of the top 10 hospitals in the world, has also played a role in one of the world’s most talked about TV series—”Fauda,” as several pivotal scenes were recently filmed for Season 3 within the hospital. Netflix will

Jewish Community Comes Out #Provaxx

Before inoculation against measles began on a large scale in the 1980s, the World Health Organization reported that the disease killed 2.6 million a year, on average. The extremely infectious illness causes serious respiratory distress as well as a rash and fever, and is dangerous mostly to

Raising Genetic Awareness

Did you know that everyone carries at least one or two mutations that could cause severe genetic disorders? But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we are unhealthy, it simply means we should be more aware of our genetic history. As humans, we receive genes from our parents which determine future

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